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YeahI'll type something up later, but that's the best season to visit by far. How long do you have? And can you drive??
If you leave something in your cart on Hillary Clinton's shop overnight, they'll e-mail you a code for 15% off https://shop.hillaryclinton.com/
Ughhh I have so many coats, but I want this green IS coat...
that stuff looks nice but ugh that writing is terrible
where can i buy a sock dart shoes
Yeah, I believe it 100%, just trying to wrap my head out it. These arrived from Idol Brooklyn today (http://www.idolbrooklyn.com/) - great service over there, accommodated international shipping very well. I always feel a bit bad buying from a small store on deep discount from overseas, but will purchase again in the future. It's great to see stores like Idol, Calculus, etc. with great vision and buys popping up and hopefully doing well enough to stay in the black. Japan...
I don't wanna try to apply logic to baller boots but is it really $600 less labor for a blake stitch than a goodyear? I feel like dude could price them the same. MA+ already tops $2k for blake stitch. It strikes me odd they're THAT much cheaper
haha that $300 neck canister is awful
Kids these days have MUCH better things to do than play a half-baked Pokemon game for the phone, it's definitely for millennials and up
The game got released around 10am Japan time on Friday afternoon - no work work got done until about 3pm. Everyone was running around the neighborhood catching Pokemon between meetings. Our office is a Pokestop and a lot of senior management actually used to work for Pokemon or Nintendo so it was alright, I guess
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