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come say hey, happy to offer some recommendations as wellheading out scuba diving tonight to miyakojima (near taiwan), had a couple typhoons in the past few so i'm glad the weather is clear:
think it'd look a bit better with a white t-shirt under there. the plaid button-up combo looks like something a scarecrow would wear. I love the coveralls, but keep 'em casual
the people have spoken
Cool shout-out in the Times: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2015/07/23/fashion/20150723MENSFASHIONWEEK-S.html
Pockets aren't horizontal, that's like a 3D flap that helps them open wide, similar to CCP edit: nevermind, I think I'm wrong. Pretty sure the same pockets as this
I'm pretty sure they're object-dyed red the whole way through. I'd check for you, but at 10 PM at night it's still 90 degrees out and I'm not leaving my air-conditioned bedroom I love the hand-painted ones like that, though. I have a pair of Guidis like that as well, cool to see the natural interior. M_moria is the same way
Those look outta control fantastic
Red A1923 boots, can't wait until mine look this good:
Yeah, I just don't like online RPG type games like Warcraft / FF14. (also, I should mention my friend who works there quite enjoys his job, despite the bureaucratic management and dismal pay).I heard software developers for World of Warcraft can make 80k with only a couple years of experience - that's like three times Square Enix (or any other Japanese tech firm). If I moved back to the US, I'd take a software position, but it just doesn't pay enough over here unless...
Really inconsequential stuff like quest names and fish descriptions - jokes in Japanese that didn't make sense in English. A lot of stupid puns, mostly Jay-Z or Biggie related haha. I don't know what actually made it into the game, though - this was like three years ago and I just gave suggestions to my friend.(ps if anyone wants a job working on ff14 localization team is hiring... )
New Posts  All Forums: