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Glad you enjoyed Northern Japan!! Doesn't get enough foreign visitors and it's all easily accessible from Tokyo!Some of my pics: [[SPOILER]]
Have to vote for Parker who somehow thought that PUMPING GAS with a barely visible outfit was an acceptable action for a fit contest
Cool, thanks, this is what I'm gonna go with ... feels the best tooAlso, I think this is what Regis would doWhenever I put on a button-up and dress pants I feel like there's some protocol I have to follow. Like, I googled "dress pants without belt" and some awful GQ articles came up. I wear this stuff at work, I wish I could enjoy it more as "fashion" but I just can't, it's all too fussy. If I can't throw it in a washing machine, I don't wanna wear it. I hate #menswear,...
Here's what I was actually wearing, btw, before I had to tuck my shirt in: Uni-qlo Kolor A1923
They're a bit shiny from Saphir leather creme but it's mostly the light, even the matte belt and buttons are reflecting a bit
Leaving in three hours, belt or no belt? Any MC dudes give me some advice?? I don't like this type of outfit especially in the summer but apparently some stupid restaurants have dress codes and won't let me wear my b-ball shorts Uni-qlo Kimseoryeong CCP
LMO is medium weight smooth lamb
LR is rugged lamb Keep in mind that the leathers referred to by these codes differ by season so use them only as a rough guideline IMO LP tends to be the best "thick" lamb and LC tends to be the best "thin" lamb but take this with a grain of salt as per my comments above
Glass ice is code LGI, it's been available for the past couple seasons at a lower price than most other leathers
Stay away from the glass ice lamb unless you specifically want a thinner, smooth lamb Rugged lamb is much more substantial Edit: this is rugged lamb http://www.deepinsideinc.com/item.php?id=43160
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