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I'll post a fit tomorrow, but wanted to share this - wife was ordering some pots or something stupid for work and she asked if I wanted a new coffee cup made as well. Told the uh, potter? Pottery maker? Artist? What do you call that person? Anyways, told the dude to take inspiration from faded denim, did a good job. Arita-yaki from Saga Prefecture, cups run $10-20 if anyone is curious
haha and you're coming to Japan? At least your summers are dry over there, welcome to a nationwide sweat lodge
Been waiting to hear back from PnP for a bit and hopefully I'll be part of the club. Looks amazing, like it a bit over the high-neck edit: a bit
I actually feel like it's the shoulder (and elbow) details that let me get away with wearing elastic hemmed flight pants - both are kinda goofy.In a vacuum, the Incarnation is a weird gimmick - shoulder + elbow fabric and overlocked EVERYTHING. If someone asked me "what jacket should I buy?", Incarnation would be somewhere at the bottom of the list. I have a "serious" moto jacket, though, the Margiela 5-zip, so the Incarnation is interesting to play with. It also fits me...
Yeah, think I'm done with the white thing. Gave it my best, put it up on Y!Auctions when I get a chance. So long, crazy white coatedit: Here's a kinda WAYWT after I woke up from my nap and changedIncarnationAAGellerMargiela
Yeah, that was what I suspected - was guessing the lack of glued canvas was a tell-tale. Thanks for the reply These shoes are a fantastic deal, especially given the weak yen. Haven't seen other handmade shoes at the $6-700 price point
ST3 in gray horse http://gullam.jp/shopping/14958.html
Yeahhh, it's a worth a trip. Still have fond memories of the time @uzairh and I tried on every piece of CCP in the store
Yeah, I got them from Lift, I actually prefer to buy through Carrefour but missed their deadline and the Lift staff is awesome as always. Feel bad always browsing Lift and rarely buying hah Almost went for the ankle boot, but think a derby might be more versatile and I'm not 100% sold on the design, a little too clean for me:
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