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Two fits: Left: peir wu, american apparel, kolor, margiela Right: robert geller, american apparel, jeans, ccp Funny how my CCP boots have become my go-to rainy day beater boots..
I can't believe I waited in line 45 minutes to reserve a stupid phone
Did some diving (among other things) in Bohol last year, was fantastic!! Gonna head to Donsol or Palawan next March if we don't end up going to Palau. Not a serious diver so I'm not too concerned if it's not fantastic, just a fun way to cool off and take a boat ride
I've already seen two people wearing the long flannels "in the wild" Granted one was a store staff but still.... I don't think anyone got it in a 44just 46s and 48s over here
Cool, thanks for the tips, appreciate the food advice. Did the north of Vietnam two years ago (Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong), stopped in Hanoi for six hours to grab a bowl of Pho last year, had a fantastic time both trips - figured it was time to see the south. Ran out of countries in SE Asia to visit, Vietnam warranted a second trip. Plan on doing some biking to nearby villages in Hoi An and maybe going scuba diving if the weather is decent, although I hear the diving isn't...
I'll let you know some recs in a bit, but Kyoto and Fukuoka have some good shopping. Good thread on SZ with lots of Kyoto info: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4446 What school in Beppu? My friend teaches works at Ritsumeikan. Make sure you visit some hot springs while you're there, fantastic. Anyone have any recs for Vietnam? Heading there tomorrow for 10 days, making plans today haha. Gonna spend 4 days in Hoi An, 3 in Dalat, 3 in Ho Chi Minh.
I'm a huge fan of Nonnative pants, have a few pairs. Postman is a recurring cut in different fabrics, did you have one in mind?
Yes! Those pants have almost the exact fit of the ones I got, beautiful cut. Very stretchy and soft fabric. Was considering getting them, but I wanted a slightly more substantial fabric
That branding is really something, my best friend's wife is named Ami, should grab her one of those sweatshirts
Seeing east coast boys kitted out in jcrew and raw denim and whatnot makes me wanna wear more black and more rick owens skirts Thank god for Spacepope
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