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Paul harnden, AW2014 I think??
@ambyance The Saddam Teissy jacket looks great -- what are your thoughts on it??
What animal is that? Is that a cat?? Or a kinkajou?
The Addict Clothes black to brown fades (only on lambskin) happens much quicker - you can likely start to see high-abrasion areas turning color after a season or two of wear. It's quite cool
Accidentally posted in random fashion thoughts haha
I've NEVER found a slip-on shoe I liked before these. Either they were had no structure, the shape was too feminine, they were uncomfortable, etc. These have a toe-shape of basically engineer boots, quite pronounced, and the visible goodyear welt and natural colored, uh, whatever the side of the sole is called adds a bit of weight to them. Also love the staff in the store, great people and their products are made in Tottori prefecture (like the South Dakota of Japan or...
This is great because I totally imagine you wearing this outfit with no pants
Her: Margiela Some shirt from Thailand Uni-qlo jeans Nike CdG bag Me: Margiela John Elliott Resolute Veronique Branquinho
Bought 'em... ignore the shitty styling with the black tee and awkward pose Moto Goodyear welted chromexcel slip-ons.
Maybe the first nice day of Spring and I've seen THREE Of those stupid "Commes des Garçons Forever" Lewis Leathers all styled terribly Everyone wanna wear their hottest early spring item
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