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Glad the Taichi pants work!! For a bag, try Cornelian Taurus?? Really happy with my bag A lot of stuff out of stock now https://www.fascinate.jp/japanese/brand/cornelian-taurus
Not a personal assistant, just a home helper? And when you look at the detailed pricing, it's not that great. https://www.helloalfred.com/pricing I already have services for home cleaning, dry cleaning, and laundry and it comes waaay under what they're charging. Just a slick front end for stuff that already exists with a high monthly price.
It has everything I hate about stores: - staff didn't acknowledge me - clothes organized by color, not brand. Really annoying when it's like Araki Yuu -> Acne -> GBS -> Visvim -> Greg Lauren - clothes crammed in the rack. The GBS blazer was in a tiny corner in the back of the store. Clothes need space to breathe The buy could be called "eclectic," but there was no theme and I didn't wanna sort through levis jeans looking for GBS trousers
Went to Super A market, a garbage store carrying some cool brands, and they had the sickest GBS silk/cashmere blazer for a sweet $4500 Good grief
The pricing on acronym is so illegitimate no wonder JC Denton only has one coat
Japanese brand Comoli does excellent casual "suits"http://bshop-inc.com/recommend/4120/
The leather changes season to season, but it's not spring = thin, winter = thick. The leather, fit, and hardware of the jacket have changed quite a bit over time
No way, the vibrant shirt looks awesome with the brown bomber and faded denim!!
I've been wearing tech stuff for work, mostly Teatora, great in the summertime
Just curious what you're looking for in a workboot you can't find on the existing market?
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