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Article hit the nail on the head: BoO was boring, but fit well for some people. Once j crew started selling slim fit shirts their days were numbered
that looks really good.
Move to Tokyo, rent is cheap and being paid an average U.S. salary makes you feel like a baller in a sea of highly skilled tech workers making $30,000/year for 80-hour weeks
I need some Schneider button-down shirts or polos, size 4, I can throw in the wash, preferably boring colors - any good recs?? Or some similar biz-cas stuff? Needs to be machine washable with no ironing necessary
There's a shop that does something like that near my house and I thought it'd be cool, but the result looked like a mess. Either the equipment is bad or you need to create the file from scratch
...and zipper chat begins Congrats guys, wish you the best!!
Haha, yeah. At least on the internet people understand stuff like that.. not as easy explaining in real life "well this is a shirt from 2002 by a kinda-crazy Italian designer/wizard that I got by searching an Internet auction site every morning on the train..." In other news, got the mythical five-year work visa!! See you in hell immigration bureau! I promise not to complain about bureacratic processes until 2020
A French brand called "something." Sorry, bit hard to Google. The only stockist in town dropped it after one season, too haha
Still regret missing UC's 25th anniversary party. thom yorke was the surprise guest
I'm sure y'all are capable of imagining it, but here's a pic of the Layer-0 boots post hole removal Also, if anyone picked up a pair of L-0 5-pocket canvas pants, either color, size 48, that doesn't work out for them, please holler my way.
New Posts  All Forums: