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Always something to look up toWhen I was in college, I envied people who could shop at grocery storesWhen I was a fresh grad, I envied people who could shop at the fancy grocery storesNow, I envy people who can buy the $20 grapes without flinchingSomeday I'll be dignified and old and eat expensive grapes
Guidi often feels like it's a bit "overlooked," here on SF in favor of L-0, CCP, etc. in the baller boot thread, maybe due to its ubiquity, but the boots are fantastically well-made with excellent leather. If the styles work for you, I would not hesitate to grab a pair
I should probably try these on before buying a pair, but any sizing advice on PH belted pants/jeans? Any difference between mens/womens? Are they pretty much free-size if the waist fits or should I exercise caution when getting a womens pair?
I love that place!! The highlight of my experience as a UW student was taking a for-credit TEA CEREMONY class from the art department or something at that garden edit: Still available?? If anyone is going to UW, take this class!! https://www.washington.edu/students/icd/S/arthis/317tpo.html You must be able to sit in a kneeling position for up to 15 minutes to take this class. PS Go Huskies!!
I saw a lady in her late 40s/early 50s decked out in Paul Harnden in the grocery store last night, looked so good. Always cool to see stylish older people
Love the fabric on that MA+ coat, green is perfect. Looks nice!!
I wear black suits to work!!
Layer-0 James Perse Layer-0 Guidi
@thatoneguy it's like a size too big on me, I can wear it as an overcoat but I want a slightly tighter fit since I rarely wear suits/thick knits... picky, picky
iPhone pretty durable these days, spend your money on a warranty or something and go caseless. Feels good man
New Posts  All Forums: