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how much does a watch cost
this post needed a william gibson reference to complete the "nerds talking about clothes on the internet" trifecta
They look fantastic with full-cut denim.. and not much else in my wardrobe. Bulbous toe looks a bit better in a darker color or with lace-ups. Lovely boots, just not for me at the moment. Anyone wants them for $300 shipped worldwide, lemme know - just recouping what I paid + shipping. Size 42, fits true to maybe a half size small due to low instep
Getting ready to sell the CCP, was only wearing them with a suit or when the weather was unpleasant, like my other boots better
Actually not in love with the toe shape on these KK Attachment, might let them go. A bit bulbous, in this lighter color they look a bit like Uggs... Absolutely love the color and material (oiled cordovan), just wish they were a bit sleeker..
Boring normcore/mediocre stuff Lad Musician Uni-qlo Margiela KK Attachment
OK, need some red/purple/green boots A1923 - KK Attachment - Guidi - Jun Hashimoto
Uni-qlo is like the definition of fast fashion and they have a history of designer collabs just like H&M Still, their designer collabs make a bit more sense on the whole - Plokhov doing sweatpants, Jil Sander doing sharp basics, etc. rather than re-creating budget versions of items from the archive. I'm curious to see what Lemaire can do. I'm a Uni-qlo devotee because I love their performance fabrics, would love to see a designer use some of them in a collab
Yeah Jun Hashimoto S23ms, which are basically Carpes anyways so
those are jun hashimoto actually ほとんどカルペ waxed heavy horse in black
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