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Yeah, sorry, just saw them in the store the other day while I was buying socks. They looked nice, though
Japan has 8% sales tax. It's not charged on buying items from individuals, but if you bought an item from a store that is auctioning the item, sales tax is added
I don't even care about fashion, wearing a suit is uncomfortable and obnoxious - I'd much rather wear ugly chinos and a polo shirt. At least I can work in comfort and not have to worry about cleaning them. I like dressing up once in awhile, I do so three or four times a month for client meetings, but wearing a suit every day kills it for me. It's not the jacket and pants, I just hate dress shirts and neckties with a passion.
interviewing for a job where i gotta wear a suit five days a week like, I'm happy to wear a suit when meeting with clients, but why do I have to wear one to sit at a desk?? ugh
*slowly draws his Hanzo steel*
Uni-qlo has band collar linen shirts for $20 right now
Uhh, pretty sure those glasses are a cybernetic link to the year 2133 and if he takes them off it'll fry his neural nanodes, leaving him unable to communicate with the sentient mainframe that sent him to the beach to pose for cool internet pictures
Every GAT fit I've seen lately, including mine, have been really bad They're comfy shoes but damn are they ugly
Yeah, not a fan of the vest at all. Looks way too much like actual gear. Kgfan styled it well, but if I saw someone walking around like that I'd do a double-take and cross to the other side of the road
http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m135533410 Original bison scar-stitch (not a re-order). I've asked for better pics, how does this hold up to CORS??
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