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They ran out of hats !!!! Dude was nice though
Bought some black co-mix tees, these better be nice at $35 shipping for t-shirts haha
Was Googling Reinhard Plank stockists looking for hats and found out that the dude himself is here in town for a hat making event for another hour or so On the cross-town train now, hope they still have hats!
Beautiful fall day in Tokyo today... Margiela jacket Schneider dress AM (ex Carpe Diem) boots CdG bag Layer-0 jacket James Perse shirt Individual Sentiments Guidi
Preferably under $75
Any more suggestions for long, slim tees with a small neck opening? I like James Perse a lot (and the people in the store are always so nice..), might give John Elliott a try. The American Apparel shirts I like have a large neck opening
Agreed, looks like it'll wear in nicely.. good fit on it
I am going bald
For the past month or so, my hibiscus plant has been getting "dirt" or "rust" on the leaves. I'm presuming this is some kind of illness or bug-related, but I have no clue where to begin. Any suggestions??
Funny you say this, because today I'm testing the t-shirt with Robert Geller richard jacket combo at work - I'll let you know if I get away with it edit: My hibiscus plant isn't doing so well, can anyone identify what's wrong with it?? The leaves look like they have dirt or rust on them [[SPOILER]]
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