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i got dragged into watching the fight with my friend who is a total boxing nut, he hates mayweather but had a lot riding on him, and the fight went down EXACTLY like he predicted it would. he seemed pretty excited, I guess. I watched Raging Bull last night to get into the mood, think I'll just do that if anyone tries to talk me into watching boxing again. I like team sports because even if there's a couple morons on the team, there's usually someone I can single out and...
Jameis is gonna bomb out of the NFL and Whiz isn't gonna be able to make Mariota work I hope one of the first round RBs makes a name for himself, doubt it's gonna be Todd Gurley running behind the SL o-line though
i have no dogs in the nba anymore, but that clips-spurs match had me sweating. totally eclipsed that boring ass fight, but I guess I don't like boxing Need a bandwagon team this year, chose the Bucks and they're already out (as expected), and the next round has my two backups playing each other (chosen because I like ballmer and beards)
post your best james harden fits
Harden in Dries shirt is cool
Marsell shoes are very underrated and an excellent value for their price range - they're made very nicely. I have a pair I wore 2-3 days a week to work for three years, held up wonderfully. Just avoid the obvious ugly designs, not all are winners
Cheers for the feedback. I agree it doesn't work with the Rick pieces, just trying something else - wanted to play with the proportions and put a boxy coat with full-cut, drop-crotch pants. (To me at least) the coat is a lot less structured, a lot more casual in real life - it's a dirty cream color (not white, I actually feel I need something dirtier than the GATs, hence the Ricks), very lightweight. Standing still it does look quite a bit flat and boxy, but wearing it,...
just tryin' something out
While not suede, Jun's reverse calf is one of the best "heavy" leathers I've handledThere are mine at around four years of age, worn in snow and rain. Conditioned with Ugg spray (lol) and on the 3rd set of Vibram heels/soles
^^^ Those are incredible. I hope in 100 years people are posting pics of boots from this thread on the version of Styleforum accessible directly from my brain Altieri's boots via https://instagram.com/masakichisaito/ (Shelter dude) M_moriabc and M.a+
New Posts  All Forums: