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Terrible quality pic but haven't posted a couple fit in awhile Her: Arts+Science jacket Uni-qlo shirt Uni-qlo + Lemaire pants Guidi boots Me: Layer-0 AA Jeans Jun Hashimoto
Ahh, thanks for the tip! I'll do that for sure when I get it back in a month or so. Actually the worst offender at this point is the underside of the handles, which are reversed leather. Can I throw Obenaufs on the suede side?Here's a better pic of the fabric I'll use for the lining, just dropped it off to be sent to the factory
Thanks, wasn't sure if it was a bit too "try hard" or somethingThe bag, as it, leaks dye like crazy. I don't use it for business or with any light colored clothes. Anything at this point is an improvement.
Got this - kaki with hand painted sumi brushstrokesNot sure if cool or obnoxious hahaLining the bad is gonna run me close to $200 and the fabric was $50, so not cheap, hope it doesn't look terrible
Man, real years are weird.
Riding the train right now across town to the fabric market, gonna pick up something to line my guidi bag. I want a natural-dyed fabric (kind of expensive at $50/meter), deciding between persimmon (burnt orange/brown), sumi ink (grey-ish), and indigo for a black bag. Leaning towards persimmon just for the contrast
Yeah, looks nice and clean. They're slim but not tight anywhere, good fit
So street
I always think about resale value when it comes to clothes. I never buy anything with the intent to resell it, but sometimes a piece simply doesn't work out and like being able to move on. I view the buying process as part of an extended trial. If I wasn't able to get at least some money back clothing would be a very expensive hobby and a lot of decent clothes would be I'm a landfill. Nothing makes me more anxious than opening my closet and finding something that doesn't...
The white A1923 boots gradually turned bone colored, now turning yellow. Kinda cool. If they get too gross, I'll dye them either indigo or black. Definitely my favorite footwear I own
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