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Pics of Petrosolaum FW15-16 via Lift The pair in the front is the same model I ordered, just in navy rather than black cordovan Second model back is the other derby, wider/flatter toe
Looks great, love those IS boots and the pants are perfect
I'll post a fit tomorrow, but wanted to share this - wife was ordering some pots or something stupid for work and she asked if I wanted a new coffee cup made as well. Told the uh, potter? Pottery maker? Artist? What do you call that person? Anyways, told the dude to take inspiration from faded denim, did a good job. Arita-yaki from Saga Prefecture, cups run $10-20 if anyone is curious
haha and you're coming to Japan? At least your summers are dry over there, welcome to a nationwide sweat lodge
Been waiting to hear back from PnP for a bit and hopefully I'll be part of the club. Looks amazing, like it a bit over the high-neck edit: a bit
I actually feel like it's the shoulder (and elbow) details that let me get away with wearing elastic hemmed flight pants - both are kinda goofy.In a vacuum, the Incarnation is a weird gimmick - shoulder + elbow fabric and overlocked EVERYTHING. If someone asked me "what jacket should I buy?", Incarnation would be somewhere at the bottom of the list. I have a "serious" moto jacket, though, the Margiela 5-zip, so the Incarnation is interesting to play with. It also fits me...
Yeah, think I'm done with the white thing. Gave it my best, put it up on Y!Auctions when I get a chance. So long, crazy white coatedit: Here's a kinda WAYWT after I woke up from my nap and changedIncarnationAAGellerMargiela
Yeah, that was what I suspected - was guessing the lack of glued canvas was a tell-tale. Thanks for the reply These shoes are a fantastic deal, especially given the weak yen. Haven't seen other handmade shoes at the $6-700 price point
ST3 in gray horse http://gullam.jp/shopping/14958.html
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