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Love the white jacket over the denim shirt and jeans, TTO - contrast looks beautiful with the indigo, good way to wear all denim everything
Yeah, it flaps around a bit too much for my liking. I love the jacket, it's the piece that drew me to Rick in the first place, so I'm gonna make it work for me or ruin a $2000 jacket in the process!! Rick Owens has amazing customer service as usual (seriously, buy things from these dudes!!) - gonna head to the store tomorrow to consult with them.
OK!Rick Owens customer service continues to be absolutely amazing, one of the reasons I love this brand in the first place. Gonna bring my jacket into the store tomorrow and talk with them about it
DON'T BUY IT!! That is the absolute worst iteration of that jacket, I spent like $10 to ride the train all the way across town to try it on last year. The fit is off, the leather is a terrible washed calf that doesn't match the clean aesthetic of the jacket at all, it looks like someone stuck an awesome jacket into a blender and that is what came out.Margiela 5-zip is an awesome leather, just buy any one but that season.
I don't care who made it, these boring springtime nylon zippered jackets always look cheap to me
I'm not a huge fan of the Guidi derbies in softer leather. Guidi products are a lot less structured than other brands like A1923 or Poell. This looks beautiful on things like backzips, which are made from a single piece of leather and the quality of leather is the highlight of the piece, but on derbies with a lot less "surface area," the folding leather isn't as aesthetically pleasing to me. If I got a pair of derbies from Guidi, it would be in a thick, stiff leather like...
Gonna see if I can't have the neck cut down a bit in the back, e-mailed Rick Owens store and a couple of leather places.. I'll sell it if I can't find a good place to get it done, a bit too much for me as is
What's the pricepoint on that colorway??
I'm pretty pleased in general usually!!
Think I'm gonna keep the Geo but cut off the back of the neck From this: To this:
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