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Haha, the garbage that is FIFA finally getting taken down Take down Roger Goodell and I won't have anyone to hate in sports anymore
Not even June and it's already 90 degrees Anyone have a goat I can sacrifice for another month of cool weather? Blue Blue Japan Uni-qlo Geller Olukai flip-flops (RECOMMENDED) Bonus shot of coat
Unlined and indeed, quite impossible to take on/off At least line the shoulders/arms... edit: Here's another shot of the jacket in a different material - again, will look a lot better broken in as the material it's quite heavy
Yeah, it's really, really thick leather, and it's also cut longer than a lot of other jackets. I was too short to pull it off well, sat on my hips. Here's another shot with a taller model, little more broken in Again, not for me - if I didn't know about the designer/construction process I wouldn't look twice, but very cool as an object I love that you can see the notes on how the pattern matches up on the inside of the jacket:
Looks good, but damn, those are some clean ass dunks - look like they just came out of the box
I think it looks pretty cool. Not my style, but really interesting to see what he's done, the construction is quite unique. I'd love to see one of those beat up, the leather is awesome - thick and juicy
RIP best fitting oxford shirts of 2008
High def pics up on Gullam's website:http://gullam.jp/shopping/14971.html
Also this guy snagged the Muta double-zips in my size before I could even try them on, looks great though I understand the samples not looking like the final product - must be hard to mass-produce distressed leather like this
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