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Yeah, like Brad mentioned, it's a fun picture, but it's not the best example of styling in this thread. Loving the other fits, great idea for sure
Those SNS trousers are fantastic
I guess I meant relative to Visvim - still about 1/2 to 2/3 the price depending on the piece
I love Nonnative, moreso than Visvim, excellent quality at a decent pricepoint
Good choice on the slip-ons, love those with your wardrobe
Thanks for the input. It sounds like I'll just wait until he finishes a bit more. I don't mind waiting - I finished reading these books 14(!) years ago, have plenty to read in the meantime. I usually try to read book series or watching TV shows when they have been mostly completed so I know I won't get disappointed midway through.
That guy is a great seller, he's Minomni on SZ
I read the first three Song of Ice and Fire books back in high school, enjoyed them quite a bit back then, but forgot about the series for the next ten years. I watched the first season of the TV show and enjoyed it enough enough to pick up A Feast for Crows and wasn't too into it... Is Dance With Dragons worth reading as is, or should I just save myself the hassle and wait until dude just completes the series? Or is the TV show better anyways?
haha what
eton, those Augusta boots are absolutely beautiful - makes me wanna pick up the white ones still...
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