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I submit to y'all the boldest colors of them all: those of the USARed white and blueedit:Bonus outtake before my wife agreed to take pictures of me: [[SPOILER]]
Haha, people here are still salty as hell -- Shawn Kemp hosted a party at a music venue celebrating the Thunder missing out. I'd root for the Trailblazers, but... Portland, eww (just kidding.. kinda)
The only stake I have in the NBA these days is hoping the OKC Thunder lose/miss the playoffs, which has (thankfully) already happened, so I'm up for any bandwagon team. James Harden's beard is good enough for me, plus his stuff comes up when I'm searching for Paul Harnden junk (last names end up the same in Japanese)
Agreed, KK Attachment is great for Slin Chester coats
1.) The M_Morias have arrived in Japan!! Three more days... I might just start wandering the streets now looking for Altieri and his magical santa bag full of boots Pic via Jun Hashimoto 2.) Holger received dual-zips for women. My wife will HATE these, and I kind agree - not great for women. Still, pretty cool.. Tempting..
Dries floral print jacket, too big for me - 48 or 50 i think http://item.rakuten.co.jp/trefac/3017001812980380/
Those jeans look really good
@uzairh Amazing pick-ups, thanks so much for sharing. Storm-welted model via FB. How does Cordovan fair in the elements?
To be fair, any Backstreet Boys similarity I see is probably more a result of my poor use of time last night and less a reflection on the fit itself 'cept that killer pose - that's magazine cover ready
Agreed 100%, straight to the hall of fame.+ special mention on that onyx and gold ring, brings everything togetherI was watching some Backstreet Boys videos the other day, this is totally early 2000s boy band with swag (I mean that unironically, btw) [[SPOILER]]
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