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The John Elliott thread is the middle school version of the SLP thread.. I like the stuff too
I dunno why all the talk about where she got her money from matters.. I can't afford it, glad some rich people at least post some cool pics to Instagram
Ketchup and mustard.. Good combo on a hot dog, not so much on a $6000 leather jacket
Jack Dorsey wearing a lot of Rick lately
Larose Casentino five-panel I've seen this dude on Instagram before, do any of you New Yorkers know him? He looks like a nice boy
and put together as an art project by Mrs. Ernst's 1st grade class
Awesome Carpe leather blazer. Sometimes the leather coat/blazer pieces look a little too much, but this one is fantastic. Only seen it up a couple of times. He says it's horse, but I believe it's actually camel leather (anyone know?) http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w134292712
every once in awhile i see a coach wallet, bag, or jacket that doesn't have their awful branding and it surprises me how nice it is
y'all arguing about peyton's boring beer choice when this happened during the postgame show http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2614853-aqib-talib-wipes-out-on-his-way-to-postgame-interview-after-winning-super-bowl
New Posts  All Forums: