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Sorry to interrupt videogame chat but it's HALLOWEENDid y'all know Daria wore Guidi combat boots?? Did you also know NOBODY in Japan knows who Daria is?Here's some pics from Halloween in Tokyo if y'all wanna see: [[SPOILER]]
haha, boots missed connection day - saw a dude whose instagram I follow in CCPs on the train just now on the way home. Was doing some last-minute costume shopping, boots looked good (as you probably noticed by the creepy-ass stare I gave them as I walked by you)
Halloween fits incoming I hope..? Found a way to incorporate Guidi boots in mine so I'm happy
How do I turn in notification for those? I don't get any
Rick has actually lowered prices a bit with the move to production in Moldova. Other items have remained roughly the same price wise Leathers can be had for $2000 retail where in 2008-09 they were all $2800+ Quality is still ridiculous for the price - I haven't owned a single Rick item that didn't require repair sooner than it should have.. And A1923 boots are a good deal compared to the clothing - what part of the jackets and pants makes them worth that much money?
Qasas look nice, always thinking about checking them out but they sell out instantlyI like tights more than sweats for running and working out - these fit the bill and have plenty of pockets for keys, cards, and phone. The tech fleece line or whatever it's called is quite nice, though
FF is garbage compared to the brilliance of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears
Jesus Shibuya is a mess.. it's Thursday night!! Halloween is TOMORROW!!! I just came here to buy some batteries, get away from me!
Right after I post this, Maeda-san updates his blog..If these show up in a WAYWT post, please e-mail my wife and tell her to take my name off our bank accounthttp://ameblo.jp/mercury-maeda/Many more pics: [[SPOILER]]
It's these white diagonal zips I've picked up, just in love with 'em - really feel "handmade," like they're mine to break in. Completely uneven texture, even the toebox is slightly different on the left and right pair. Total wabi-sabi hipster fluff, but it really works. The thing that really gets me is the natural leather sole and stitching. I want the red renna now..
New Posts  All Forums: