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Preferably under $75
Any more suggestions for long, slim tees with a small neck opening? I like James Perse a lot (and the people in the store are always so nice..), might give John Elliott a try. The American Apparel shirts I like have a large neck opening
Agreed, looks like it'll wear in nicely.. good fit on it
I am going bald
For the past month or so, my hibiscus plant has been getting "dirt" or "rust" on the leaves. I'm presuming this is some kind of illness or bug-related, but I have no clue where to begin. Any suggestions??
Funny you say this, because today I'm testing the t-shirt with Robert Geller richard jacket combo at work - I'll let you know if I get away with it edit: My hibiscus plant isn't doing so well, can anyone identify what's wrong with it?? The leaves look like they have dirt or rust on them [[SPOILER]]
Sail hemp, which is, uh, hemp made for sail boats, I guess. Really tough and heavy, but not super warm for the weight. Love it, though, awesome texture. They've been dyed indigo and then overdyed black unevenly. No clue how they will fade
Awful weather today, brought out the boot tuck again This Paul Harnden mac is my favorite piece of outerwear I own. Wear it oversized, it fits a little bigger than it looks in this pic, can layer it up like crazy when it's cold outside. Perfect length without being too long. Has huge zip pockets, can fit headphones or sandwiches or whatever, and it's pretty weatherproof for a wool jacket. Paul Harnden James Perse Layer-0 Jun Hashimoto From Saturday, nice weather and...
On a side note if anyone has a lead on a Layer-0 sail hemp hat size large please let me know..
Ahahahhaaha closed and I set off the security alarm trying to look in through the window. I'm never coming back here again, screw it
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