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How much is an avocado in the state? How much is a lime? Where do they come from? My Mexican limes and avocados are up to $2 apiece for conventional, $3-4 for organic, double what they were last year
SvB, one of my favorites for sure. Relaxed but very sharp all around Love the cream suit and yellow tie. Prefer the longer jackets on your frame
Anyone getting the Autum long coat in a different color?
Ahh, been waiting for some stuff to finally show up from this brand! I've seen a lot jewelry and bags, but not clothes Would love to go see that jacket in person, I wish Atrum wasn't in Utsunomiya!! Here's a short bio: http://www.realisent.jp/shopbrand/037/O/
I understand they're not really for everyone. .. or much of anyone. Just having some fun during the summertime, when it gets over 32 or 33 degrees just want to wear something comfortable and breezy - Rick does that for me. I'm actually quite self-conscious about the sheerness (my wife doesn't care...) and won't wear Rick tees by themselves during the daylight hours, always layer them up. I'm actually curious to see how the skirt looks with some high-tops and a leather...
Got the AC turned on high, feels good
SKIRTS!! Her: RO tank CdG skirt Nikes Me: RO RO Nike
Yeah, I agree, I'm gonna tailor them into knee-length shorts soon, think I'll wear them like a couple times, though
One of the low points of my life was bringing in a picture of Conor Oberst to the barber in Freshman year of college Still, that haircut turned out pretty decent
Rick skirt arrived, nobody in real life likes it, stunning success
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