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Vintage cordovan Jun Hashimoto in size 41 http://page19.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x355935631 Wish these were a 42...
btw Man of Kent I really like your duck avatar
I think the more inclusive and loose the requirements are for the fit contests, the better - more people can participate and we get some creative entries.
The new rickdidas are so terrible, $800 for a basic shoe with a board strapped to it
Are those the $2000 gum-dyed BBS pants? Must be something else, can't imagine affording $2000 pants and no boots.
I handwash silk all the time, I'm sure it'll be fine, just fabric Use a mild detergent like woolite
Whoa, these pants are awesome, gonna go for them if they're a nice fabric
Some eyeglasses for any nerds out there: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kind-u/571714004923/
The knit just looks like you threw it over a plain t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers combo, which doesn't really work.. I'm not really sure what will work, but you can't throw a piece like that over an everyday fit and expect it to look good. The deep V on that neck is gonna be hard to pull off, regardless. I'd start with some relaxed pants and a black undershirt
No Mac, unfortunately. And yeah, they are a bit more like A1923 - cleaner than PH. It's an Italian brand, though, not Japanese Styling is absolutely terrible here (the collar isn't really meant to be folded, better worn as a coat than a jacket), but considering this in a heavy tweed in lieu of the PH mac. Has a wonderful bell shape when viewed from the side
New Posts  All Forums: