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That is sooo good
Meet someone from the internet? Shoe circle time!! Had a wonderful day with Uzairh and his pristine Carpe lace-ups!! (my dirty 8-year-old Guidis are thoroughly outballed here)
Fits one size small Shoulder measurements are small because the shoulders will go through the armholes a bit
really enjoying wearing my mmm 5-zip lately, which is weird considering the cut isn't particularly flattering on my body and the leather quality isn't fantastic (though it's still above-average). I only bought it so I can match my wife, but I'm liking it more and more..
Lounge Lizard or Lad Musician are good choices in that price range
Me: SNS herning Uniqlo Attachment Guidi Her: All CDG with Uniqlo shirt and Guidi boots Skirt boot detail:
Matches has such wonderful customer service, fast shipping, and excellent packaging. Ordering from them is a pleasure, definitely my favorite "big" retailer
love the rotation KG everything I'm wearing is a linen/wool blend.. Bergfabel Suzuki Takayuki (very underrated brand here.. and everywhere) Individual Sentiments Guidi
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