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WOW That a beautiful fit and fabric Also that Devoa jacket is beautiful above.. that the cashmere one from Re-porter, yeah? Excellent Appreciate the feedback RE: Peir Wu jacket. Ultimately decided to let it go (sale pending). Changed out of it, so I get to subject y'all to another fit pic: Bergfabel American Apparel Attachment A1923
Hide-m is wearing cotton/ramie pants from IE Uzairh's look like CCP jeans Anyone own those IE pants? I love the shots from Hide-m
I don't know, it actually looks a bit better in the picture.. the pants and tees are quite messy and casual, whereas the jacket is quite clean. It fits into snowman's wardrobe so much better than mine
Vibram is just a brand name for rubber soles, they're not necessarily better than any other kinds
I love this Peir Wu jacket, but I'm having trouble making it work with my wardrobe.. I only wear t-shirts and casual pants. I think it's a bit too clean for me. Thinking of letting it go - thoughts?
Nah, I think the fit is fine, it's just flaring out a bit because he's got his hands in the pockets and the lapels have lost control - that style looks a bit more clean buttoned up.
Ehh, 2k boot is a bit of a waste no matter which way you slice it While we're posting boot pics, here's my white boots sitting on the kitchen counter. Having a lot of fun beating these upedit: updated with better picture
This is why I don't wear coats with hoods on them - one wrong move and it's all over!!
Anyone got any sick Halloween costumes? I'm thinking of going as Daria because I love wearing skirts and boots
Might be a joke sailing over my head but that's a fairly common Hindi name
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