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Decided to keep it and got an absolutely ridiculous offer on it this morning so it's already gone I don't make enough to money to buy $3000 jackets every couple months haha
Nice charts I can never see thumbs since I browse on mobile unless I'm posting a pic Ps that Seahawks lions game was ridiculous.. Glad I can go to work this afternoon and not be cranky
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really cool jacket, goes well with that pizza
Yeah, it's a good idea. Just take them to a cobbler and have them shave off the bottom of the sole and add the thickest rubber soles they have
Just saw an 80 or so year old lady at the convience store in standard old person stretch pants and parka and whatnot rocking a pair of Margiela (they had the stitch) snakeskin GATs.. Wow. Really curious where she picked those up
Yo better pics of that Layer-0 coat!!!
Decided to keep the CCP leather for the time being and also condition it as it's been in storage for five years. I used this: https://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-nappa-leather-balm.html Worked wonderfully, except it did darken the leather - it's back to black and the faded blue/brown are hardly visible, which is a bit of a bummer. Might be SLIGHTLY more matte than it was before. Leather is still pretty stiff, but looks and feels a lot more "juicy." Was starting to feel a...
Dear Robert Geller, If you are reading this, we want our brick bombers. You can't start a hashtag crew and then not provide the bombers to fill out the squad. Thank you, The Internet
Knit jacket was easily one of the better pieces, actually
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