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Uniform status for both of us: Me: Bergfabel coat Patagonia vest Heattech Nonnative Guidi Her: Lemaire coat Muji knit CdG skirt Guidi
What are those red ones? Great collection - thanks for sharing here!
I played clarinet
Awesome, thanks for the writeup. Never too sure of SS sizing.. may have to think about that for myself
Nice cats
Does anyone know how these fit? Any chance a 3 will fit a woman?I handled the rest basketweave in person finally. I was debating getting the coat in the material, but the fabric is a bit too "arts + crafts" for a full-on long coat. Incredible texture, but very soft and loosely woven. The wool was very yarn-like, could see the individual strands. Does that make sense? Suspension Point has some good close-up texture shots. Again, I'd like it much more on a Clover jacket than...
The ink Instagram account had customer photos occasionally - every single one of them is SO BAD, especially considering the $$$ of the clothes featured
Bergfabel coat Scarf from Nepal Patagonia down vest Heattech Nonnative pants Guidi boots
Aux, incredible fit, love the boot/scarf combo. I have a STUPID NITPICK - roll that scarf around your neck once rather than doing the bolo tie thing. With such a strong collar, long coat, and a beautiful scarf, the extra volume in the neck/chest area looks better in my opinion. The coat and collar will keep the scarf in place nicely. Anyways, I don't know what I'm talking about anyways, carry on
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