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I think I was like a 1st or 2nd grader when Jose Canseco went to the Rangers so not THAT old (I hope)
SF fan? Sorry about your season Redsox cap was a "gift" from a friend, lost a bet and had to wear it for a year after they won the world series. I don't mind 'em though, I liked Youkilis and Jon Lester (from Washington State), though neither are with the team nowRooting for the A's now (especially that Lester is pitching, at least for this season) even though they knocked the Mariners out of the wild card, my aunt lives in Berkeley and I used to go to the games all the...
Hender Scheme suede cap Jersey #gohawks Rick Owens dickflap, skirt, and trainers
By the way Artishard, I think A+R would perfectly suit your style - they're based out of NY, so might be worth checking out: http://abasirosborough.com/store/arc-overcoat-oxblood http://abasirosborough.com/store/arc-overcoat-scuba
Buy this one, someone please buy this one!! Pretty sure it's the only one that got made in this style/fabric http://shop.direct-ys.com/shopdetail/000000002617/
A ton of stacks can look good if the pants are really slim and the stacking continues evenly up the leg, but when they squash down the bottom like on Hedi Slimane jeans like that, it looks a little off.Here's a picture of me from 5 years ago (ha) in a similar cut, I think I had 3 or so inches taken off: [[SPOILER]]
I'd definitely have those hemmed, looks a bit sloppy, especially with shoes, but I don't think they necessarily need a taper.Usually I'd take off enough fabric so they make 3-4 "stacks," which still leaves enough stacking action while not leaving them looking like a messBy the way, those layer-0 shoes look really good. I want an eggplant purple pair of Layer-0 boots now..Not 100% sure of the brand, sorry, tags say "something," made in France
Those wool bombers are pretty nice, tried one the other day
I don't wear clothes to a bar, I go fully nude and wear a plastic garbage bag which I dispose of on the way home The trashbags are Margiela AW12, however:
So sick of Rick quality Gotta be the worst price/quality disparity of any designer. Not one pair of Rick pants I own hasn't seen a trip to the tailor.
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