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I'm not sure why people are having so many issues with sizing. They tell you that they vanity size by about 2", and to make sure you get it, you can check measurements of waist, thigh, rise, etc on their site. I will agree that their clothes makes great travel gear if you like to pack light. Packing three wool shirts is better than packing 6 cotton shirts for a 3 week trip.
I own quite a few of their items. In fact, I'm wearing a pair of their OG pants right now and I wear their hoodie all the time. I'll give a generic impression below, but if you have questions about any particular items, I can go into more details (I own a hoodie, t-shirts, and every pant except the lightweights). Their clothes, in general, look pretty good. But they're a bit of compromise that leans more towards performance than looks. Their pants do more or less...
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Correct, "baby oil" is basically mineral oil which is derived from petroleum, very bad for leather. Interesting. I'd have figured if it's good for human skin, it'd be ok for leather. Lucky for me, I already have a leather dressing I use on my boots which can double up on for this bag. Thanks a bunch!
To anwer my own question, I should have just checked the FAQ on the website. The answer below is pulled straight from the site: "Oil or condition it after you've had it for 6 - 12 months then, once a year or so after that. You don't want to do it too often, because you don't want to saturate the leather. It's just not good for it. And, it won't kill it if you wait a little longer than 12 months. Baby Oil is good and smells great. Mink oil waterproofs whatever it touches...
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To resurrect this thread, I just purchased a medium thin briefcase in dark coffee. Do you guys use any conditioning product on the bag? I use Montana Pitch and Blend on my boots and figure that it's probably a good idea to use it on this bag as well. Any thoughts?
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