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Quote: Originally Posted by alexpham double breasted coat. I just think it's so much smarter looking than a peacoat. You can't go wrong with either but I think the extra length of the double breasted gives it a tad more elegance and refinement, but that's just me. courtesy of Satoralist: I really like the coat that the guy is wearing. Anyone know who makes it and where I could get one just like it??
derrick, hopefully you got my payment I'd be pretty sad if I missed out.. but then again it is my fault for waiting until the last minute..
xcoldricex, sent you an email. Hopefully I'm not too late
yeah, be sure to check your mail tonight xcoldricex, my paypal should be up and running by then.
will you also have a hard time getting PBJ's?
xcoldricex, the 13th and the 14th are the LAST days to make an order correct?
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