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Quote: Originally Posted by FiveFiveFive Man, that was brutal, yet strangely entertaining. Brutal possibly, but also completely justified.
Priapus Coprophagia
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell I'm sure it's not. But wouldn't it be fun on a Friday afternoon? Think of the whole process as naming pledges - after they've been in the house a while. And who needs adjudication? There's a polling mechanism. Who are you calling a pledge, letmebefool?
Run out of hair related thread ideas already?
They'll look great with your robes, and unrolled up long sleeve shirts.
Cool, now can we get back to the midget videos?
That Lacoste logo belt would match pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Do I get any say here? I don't mind being ridiculed. Your ears are enormous!
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano The air force for example, prefers all their men whether 5'0 or 6'2 to have a 32" waist. No, it's not true, not the way you phrased it. They don't specify the waist to be exactly 32" (which would be absurd, as people have said), they have a maximum waist size limit of 32.5". This rule is also ridiculous, since it doesn't account for height or age, but not as ridiculous as what you wrote.
I think it is important to have some lawyers around. I heard they can survive an atomic explosion so they will be able to rebuild humanity in case of a nuclear war.
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