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Cool, now can we get back to the midget videos?
That Lacoste logo belt would match pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Do I get any say here? I don't mind being ridiculed. Your ears are enormous!
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano The air force for example, prefers all their men whether 5'0 or 6'2 to have a 32" waist. No, it's not true, not the way you phrased it. They don't specify the waist to be exactly 32" (which would be absurd, as people have said), they have a maximum waist size limit of 32.5". This rule is also ridiculous, since it doesn't account for height or age, but not as ridiculous as what you wrote.
I think it is important to have some lawyers around. I heard they can survive an atomic explosion so they will be able to rebuild humanity in case of a nuclear war.
Quote: Originally Posted by jerry34 I've just skimmed though this thread, and his style has been perceived negatively by almost every single individual. Daily555 (R.I.P.), for one, approved of our new bandana'ed overlords.
You're expecting logic from someone who actually wrote "1000000 times better"?
Quote: Originally Posted by calbee I would but they are falling apart as it is... They don't look as dirty in real life, might be the flash giving them a shine. They are falling apart because of accumulated dirt and grease, which weakens the fabric. Washing can actually extend the life of denim. A hot soak hand wash is also quite gentle.
The answer also depends on how hairy your elbows are.
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