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philosophical question. if you are fine, must you also be dandy? or can you be one and not the other.
the nbcfroa club membership is dropping like flies
damn that shit is cheap. if they had the F2 in black it would be mine.
with the exception of clothes, i am in.
W0RD: you have been found in flagrant violation of forum rules prohibiting excessive use of the term 'rockin' (or variants thereof). we'll let it slide this time since you're new. don't let it happen again.
the emperor's wearing nothing (c)
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Allow me to paraphrase, it means "who the fuck are you" implying the noob knows nothing of what he speaks as compared to two people who know more about denim than anyone else on the forum. Was I close? maybe close, but also very far. post count and join date do not a noob make, necessarily. similarly, having thousands of posts doesn't make you knowledgeable. apparently. also, there's no point arguing...
to make it a little more current, how about a Baathing Ape shirt with a pic of saddam?
i'm with you kiya. might pick up a stussy ere long
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