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10" thigh on the sammies.....shit....
payola sent
hmm....i've seen one top ten (from 2005), and the revised top ten from LAG (from 2006). i thought i read somewhere that there was going to be a new uber top 20 list from LAG and Brian combined, with winners in different categories like the oscars.
is the new top 20 jeans list with categories posted yet?
god, i go away for a mere 6 months and look at the cool shit i miss out on.
could you please post measurements of waist, thigh, inseam, and hem? thanks!
i'd like measurements of waist, thigh and hem of the sams. they have arcs/tab i presume?
i hold onto one pair of 74AM's--and a pair of TR too--from back in the day. these brands get hateous maximus here, but say what you will about them, i've noticed that they pull way more compliments from females than any of my jp raws. if you're into that sort of fawning and suchlike.
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