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Bizarre is using different font sizes for no apparent reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Savag3@HB Savag3 from HB, simple enough. This pretty much explains his stupidity.
Has it been mentioned yet that your colleague is an idiot?
I would like to express my full support of enabling Lafont to delete his posts.
Just quoting this again, to cleanse my brain of the last couple of pages of drivel. Oh shit....I guess this must mean I've never seen a woman before. Exposed! Quote: Originally Posted by newthunder ROxDH
Quote: Originally Posted by FiveFiveFive Man, that was brutal, yet strangely entertaining. Brutal possibly, but also completely justified.
Priapus Coprophagia
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell I'm sure it's not. But wouldn't it be fun on a Friday afternoon? Think of the whole process as naming pledges - after they've been in the house a while. And who needs adjudication? There's a polling mechanism. Who are you calling a pledge, letmebefool?
Run out of hair related thread ideas already?
They'll look great with your robes, and unrolled up long sleeve shirts.
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