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so, how bout them patriots
nothing is worse than an itch to neg that you can't scratch SF needs rep
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife aaac? aflac?
i thought everyone had just migrated over to that other site (are we allowed to name the site that shall not be named here?)
s5000vx never disappoints
sitting on the rough ground makes for better fades
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Who'se the burnt victim in your avatar? surely you've seen this: orange boy, son of dracula and the catman
that guy's sliver of a pinky nail and double hat are unnerving
no, but you do get a full refund on your supermembership fee
this thread has accomplished just about as much as the identical one at sufu. which is to say, exactly nothing. it's unclear to me what the poster wants from people here.....maybe affirmation.....but posting here (or at sufu) is obviously going to be just preaching to the choir. there's no magic advice that will help you. if you don't like the comments at your school and don't want to change your jeans, at least just stop sizing down so much. nudie even steven is...
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