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based on that kind of reaction your fashion sense must be atrocious as well.
Hey Man, exactly how fat are we talking here?
you changed you outfit in 2 minutes?
you going somewhere with this, or is it just idle chit chat
extreme dieting is usually followed by bouts of binging moderation is the key
maybe it's close to bhopal
i need pics to give an accurate evaluation
Quote: Originally Posted by NotThorns I do not have the patience for sufu right now. It takes 10 minutes for a page to load and then I'm assaulted by ugly sneakers. and a tidal wave of noobs and tweens.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What's the verdict on this? Quote: Originally Posted by modagg I like it what better evidence do you need. burn it asap.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I love myself and love pictures of myself i hope you get a staghorn kidney stone
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