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Quote: Originally Posted by maclovin Are you guys visiting from www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com ? If so, welcome. douchebag....no. camale-toe.....yes.
damn, i dunno. if only there were some search engine, or something, that could be used to search the internet with
if you turn to a fashion forum for health advice, misinformation is what you deserve to get.
dammit. i clicked on this thinking it was about suction testicle man's pr0n outfit. disappointing.
i'm beginning to understand why you're unemployed
if it's introductions you're after, say hello to my little friend...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 When precisely does one wear a pair of boots like these? For what occasions? based on the amount of wear in this thread, i'd say never
Quote: Originally Posted by andyw My guess and expectation are that the sole and footbed components will be recrafted to new specifications and the leather will be re-conditioned with much of the aging carateristics remaining. Hard to tell what patina you will loose without a better sense of the existing condition now. In my own experience over 25 years of recrafting, the lighter calfskin shoes have always come back with fresh conditioning but with...
i have three patagonia jackets and every one of them has zippers or some other detailing that ends up infuriating me over time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Josh Bing Hell probably GQ Magazine has more balls. maybe you should borrow some from them instead of creating a new username to talk shit
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