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Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What's the verdict on this? Quote: Originally Posted by modagg I like it what better evidence do you need. burn it asap.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I love myself and love pictures of myself i hope you get a staghorn kidney stone
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy .....where I allow Sufu rules to apply sufu has rules?
another loophole is stealing
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog i'll buy difrent jacket but now i love like it i like how you, like, love like it
no, firstly is: those links lead to amazon's homepage and secondly, you think amazon is selling fake gucci?
i found most of the makeovers were a vast improvement, but these makeovers always stack the deck in favor of the 'after' pic. the afters all have better grooming, less retarded expressions, better photography, better lighting or photoshopping to appear more tanned, and more dynamic poses. plus it's not hard to get a style makeover when you start from the bottom of the barrel, and have an unlimited spending account.
keep moving....nothing to see here
Quote: Originally Posted by tyates Maybe a more general question, is what part of the t-shirt tends to shrink the most?? the left sleeve
Quote: Originally Posted by sean2slow Yeah I guest the shirt is one size too small. I hope the south willard is easy on exchange. you guest? so you borrowed the shirt from someone you're staying with? anyway, the store should exchange it no prob unless you stretched it out irreparably with your monster moobs.
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