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not quite LabelKing 15,222 drizzt3117 12,389 \t\t imageWIS 11,475 \t j 10,767
plus, hebrew has more modern connotations. maybe a better equivalent would be 'Biblical Hebrew Apparel.'
i can't quite fathom the degree of search ineptitude necessary to be not able to find a thread called 'thick as thieves online' when you are interested in thick as thieves suits
uhhh....good work?
just preface with 'x posted from aaac'
sufu users who are on here with a different username, introduce yourselves.
this is my new favorite thread.
yet another thread with massively wasted potential
i have a similar question. i have no knowledge of any sort. what kinds of knowledge should i acquire? thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Also the raw denim colour, is that something new? I really like it! levi strauss made the first raw denimz in 1873. so yeah, it's pretty new--on a geological timescale.
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