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they're the vendor of choice for all serious would-be wolverines
Quote: Originally Posted by LitlMikey Maybe it's just me, but my shirts always seem to untuck themselves. This leads me to my question, why does this happen? My shirt size is pretty accurate, but I think maybe I tend to wear my pants too low? How low/high do you wear your pants with tucked shirts? Also, does this happen to anyone else? LitlMikey go tuck yourself.
based on that kind of reaction your fashion sense must be atrocious as well.
Hey Man, exactly how fat are we talking here?
you changed you outfit in 2 minutes?
you going somewhere with this, or is it just idle chit chat
extreme dieting is usually followed by bouts of binging moderation is the key
maybe it's close to bhopal
i need pics to give an accurate evaluation
Quote: Originally Posted by NotThorns I do not have the patience for sufu right now. It takes 10 minutes for a page to load and then I'm assaulted by ugly sneakers. and a tidal wave of noobs and tweens.
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