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for god's sake no. unless you are an equestrian a dandy captain kangaroo a basketball coach a sports announcer a revolutionary war soldier a realtor mozart or going to a christmas party.
something tells me you've been drinking
so, fellas. where are all the womenz at
Quote: Originally Posted by sarlo 37 months and still going Quote: Originally Posted by Spintherism Looking good. I hope my nudies last that long before the crotch explodes into shreds of denim viscera. similar to what the ass area seems to have done already
um.....you really don't have any pics of your shirts? not even on yourself, for instance?
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh i bought a pair of loafers from aldo here was your first mistake
Quote: Originally Posted by HanSoo417 I wasn't asking what sizes they sell. Any idiot with half a brain can tell its for shorter people. lol I was just asking if anyone knew anything about the quality of the clothes they sell, customer service, selection, etc etc. if that's what you were asking, why not try asking it that way in the first place
Has anyone ever done this successfully without causing irreparable harm to a working relationship? And if so, how? The co-worker is not a friend per se so it would have to be done tastefully and discreetly, to say the least. Anonymous note maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup The other week I was in a local store. A very nice young lady who worked there said "Hi" to me as she was coming up the aisle. I said "Hi" back. I was in that aisle looking at some stuff for quite a while. A few minutes later she came back down the other end of the aisle, and placed both of her hands on my back. I didn't even know she was there until her hands were on me. She may have done this simply because...
i think the proper term is 'freedom missile'
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