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i have three patagonia jackets and every one of them has zippers or some other detailing that ends up infuriating me over time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Josh Bing Hell probably GQ Magazine has more balls. maybe you should borrow some from them instead of creating a new username to talk shit
jpgm, are you getting taller?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I'm not trying to be a dick or anything then i'd hate to see what it's like when you are trying
sufu is so previous level
jd while we're at it why not clean the area around your doorknobs. it's filthy.
JD_May: please stop slouching.
Re: questions: how inane is too inane?
well hell, they musta been something else to make you post all in bold like that
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Can you guys suggest some shirt brands that make really nice combos when wearing jeans? shirts do not go well with jeans, actually
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