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Quote: Originally Posted by GhostMeat http://www.ironheart.jp/products/new_461.html oh fiddlesticks, i came up with those square root symbol arcs years ago on sufu. i should've trademarked em.
LVoer: the fact that you are not aware of the existence of latte bowls says more about your ignorance level than about how widespread their use is. they really aren't that uncommon, but you need to expand your horizons past starbucks. further, refusing to use it for no apparent reason except that it was foreign to your experience suggests you are just narrow minded. no wonder the waiter rolled his eyes at you. you're the type of rube that returns the steak tartare...
patience. do you think it's easy to install pop up ads?
oiling it might darken it some. also, it will darken considerably through normal handling and aging. i've seen tan wallets that became dark brown in 5-6 years or so of use. the great thing about tan wallets is watching the leather evolve naturally and gain patina / character. i recommend not dyeing it. also, post pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikejones I was taken aback by the emotion I generated, as I kind of expected people to either brush it off or say "someday, maybe." I didn't expect people to get so emotionally charged about it. some of the emotion that was generated was due to you calling everyone insecure who disagreed with you. also by your claims that you are bringing in any fresh ideas, as well as your obliviousness when told you are not. rest...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronic but bolo w/ polo rhymes! so does assholo
the 556 is nice, i also like the 656
if you're concerned about budgets and fiscal responsibility, this may not be the right site for you
how about a subforum just for apr 2008 joiners. that they are restricted to.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey They might, but that would be a substantial change....Giving them a real colored cream and polish would substantially change their character. in this case, change would be a good thing.
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