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Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky what is the name of the raw denim color for levis Chartreuse, I think. No, wait...more like a fuschia-ecru blend.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2h4n9 Hi I'm 16 years old about to be a junior in high school. Everyone here wears Abercrombie, Hollister, or A. Eagle. Well I was getting tired of the style and want to start a new style. My plans were to: A) Wear every style,from hip hop to skater, prep to streetwear. B) Wear brands most people don't see, Triple 5 soul, Stussy, maybe Diesel. C) Streetwear I'm confused. Doesn't (C) sort of fall...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 In the linked picture from STP, the shoe tree at the bottom is the RIGHT the shoe tree at the top is the LEFT Also, in that same pic, the right-hand part of the trees go into the shoes first. In case it wasn't clear.
That's because you don't have enough rep.
Any day now on that pic of you wearing the full ensemble (JV boots, DH jeans, leather & fishnet tank top, etc.).
Quote: Originally Posted by j TL;DR I got his point right away. Why do I need to spend 5 minutes of my life reading him write it 10 more times in different ways, quote experts, etc.? Congratulations, you had an idea, now I'm going back to my life. I read so much, online and offline, that I have to prioritize my time and maybe this guy is just consistently long-winded. On a similar topic though, I have noticed myself getting much lazier with grammar,...
Here is proof that the minimum # of posts needed to start a thread should be raised to at least 120.
Water immersed in water is fascinating indeed.
kerosene and a match
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