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Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 I can't say what it is, but something about it doesn't do it for me Perhaps the 3 inch rise and crotch "webbing" from being so tight
It's from G-Star FW 2006
90% of alt-idents on sufu (and here, probably) are westside.
Fucking nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dan G I'd like to point out the nice little debate this thread has going to those that mocked both the thread and myself. I'd like to point out that most of the 'debate' in this thread has been mockery of you and this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu Says who? my front pocket on my slim jims is faded with a cell phone. Life has gone on and it looks fine No, it doesn't. hi~val is correct, albeit a little exuberant with his use of vowels.
Well then you've been rickshaw rolled your whole life.
I'm curious what that graphic is on your jorts. I can't quite make it out, but I'm guessing either a Spiderman mask, or a pretzel.
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