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You need to buy these immediately. You can resell them here to a user named Daily555. He will pay you $300 for them.
Exactly. You were too afraid to, which is what you were ranting against. Oh wait, it was just coincidence that it came right after a questionable fit from GS that no one was calling out, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i figured jason was get smart, but didnt know for sure. im not referring to anyone specifically, just the nature of the forum. Including yourself, apparently, from the way you seem to be backpedaling.
Your fly is--I mean will be--open.
I'm getting a weird Pippi Longstocking x Hamburglar vibe from that.
jv17 is an English teacher for Koreans who happens to also run a Miami furniture shop and can make any shirt look good. He also has a hearty sense of humor and often enjoys laughing out loud. I say he's a keeper.
Let's start a poll to see if people think having a poll option would be a good idea.
I think this description from that site may give a hint as to the color: "Engineered Garments bedford gray/charcoal heringbone is a much anticipated jacket that displays classy, yet casual style."
bump to remind people not to keeping bumping this.
Quote: Originally Posted by robba what do guys mean by "knee bulge"? Quote: Originally Posted by buttonman search it up. it's been explained pretty frequently. Hey buttonman, button it up. This thread is intended for noobish questions. Knee bulge is when the knee area (usually on skinny jeans) stretches out when you bend your leg, and annoyingly stays poofed out when you straighten out again. Note: there is...
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