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INTRODUCTION Oftentimes, when asked a question about breaking in or taking care of denim, people will respond “Just wear them. Just wash them. They’re just jeans.” While it is true that jeans are traditionally work wear and should not be coddled like the finest samite, and there should be a certain carefree nonchalance when it comes to wearing them, it is nevertheless understandable that after spending a great deal of money and time on jeans you want to achieve a...
Those who get the beans, post up some pics!
I'm not a big follower of the Hulk, but I always wondered if the comic book ever attempted to explain where Hulk's extra mass appeared from, or disappeared to, whenever he transformed.
I'm assuming coogie is the lone 'very stylish' vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by afaludi So I just got appointed to a position that requires a good amount of field work and I need a new pair of boots. I was leaning to the redwing gt but was wondering if it was solid enough to handle serious woods work or was the sole/leather/style more for the streets? many thanks What kind of work? How serious do you want to go? How much are you willing to spend?
Damn, bigbris1 you're sounding like a total, petty bitch. Just change your name to bigbitch1.
I hereby nominate razuel to field all subsequent questions regarding losing weight or dieting.
I have a truly marvellous proof of this proposition: If an integer n is greater than 2, then the equation an + bn = cn has no solutions in non-zero integers a, b, and c. Unfortunately, this space is too narrow to contain it.
I think the best way to resolve this issue is to post this on Trashy or Trendy? Quote: Originally Posted by celery
Your post has some merit. As atonement, I present an alternative suggestion while you wait for one to pop up here. The Ilkley seems a bit scarce as you have noted, but the Grenson Sharp looks....well.....pretty sharp. And only 145 pounds! I am considering this one myself. As a bonus, Pediwear is now giving out a free silk tie (20 pound value) and free Grenson shoe trees (50 pound value!) with any shoe purchase over 100 pounds!
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