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The 517's are awesome. However the 6 yr no-wash seem lacking in the fade department. They just look dirty. A wash would probably improve their look immensely.
Maybe it would help if there were a small questions thread, or even possibly a thread devoted to questions from denim beginners.
OK, but when are pics of SS 09 going to be available?
Quote: Originally Posted by XeF4 Or do you guys just want to trash the company? You catch on quick.
just call me google god. Lawyers on the Left Bank So this is me at thirty-two, the strange dream seemed to say: the lawyers order coffee in a louche Left Bank cafe and read their menus carefully, and sit extremely still while all around them lips kiss, fistfights rage, and glasses spill. What they are doing in this rowdy tavern is not clear. It's obvious they are not prudes, for after all they're here. But in this topsy-turvy room where tables serve as...
A POEM FOR CAROL Nikki Giovanni when i was very little though it's still true today there were no sidewalks in lincoln heights and the home we had on jackson street was right next to a bus stop and a sewer which didn't really ever become offensive but one day from the sewer a little kitten with one eye gone came crawling out though she never really came into our yard but just sort of hung by to watch the folk my sister who was always softhearted but...
lodo del charco quieto: manana polvo bailando en el camino mud in a still puddle: tomorrow dust dancing in the streets Octavio Paz
Quote: Originally Posted by NotThorns I think so. I can't even get on with proxy servers today. I thought you were banned?
Including the sex of the author or anything remotely related to sex is likely to make your search less effective. What is the line you can remember?
Quote: Originally Posted by chicken hey datasupa, were you planning to post updates of your warehouse somewhere at some point? i'm also curious how your semi dresses are coming along too. why, now that you mention it, it's coming on the 8 month mark for the warehouse (6/19/08), and just past the 1 year anniversary on the whites (6/14/08). you're right, seems like a good time to post updates.
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