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I'm getting a curious early Michael Stipe feel here. As an experiment, can you shave your head completely and add some facial scars?
I agree, repetition is so tedious. Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Think of all the BS threads we could avoid with a fleshed-out Wiki. Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Totally agree. When I started lurking at the end of 2007, threads were much more complicated. Now all I see is "suggest XXXX for me." Don't we all have access to the internet? Can't we all browse online for clothing that looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril What are bedroom eyes anyway? example:
These Supreme Court decisions are just a dangerous slippery slope. Soon we will actually need a reason to detain someone. What's next, banning torture?
A penguinal hernia, if I'm not mistaken.
I don't understand how you can order from your own site.
The 517's are awesome. However the 6 yr no-wash seem lacking in the fade department. They just look dirty. A wash would probably improve their look immensely.
Maybe it would help if there were a small questions thread, or even possibly a thread devoted to questions from denim beginners.
OK, but when are pics of SS 09 going to be available?
Soon we will discover another suicide note, this time from the judge.
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