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Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins New Thunder must really not like her face And when was the last time you posted your face here?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Your pants will ride up less if your feet aren't on the ceiling. Gravity, you know. So, wouldn't that make it 'riding down?'
Kevlar patch with teflon coat. Problem solved.
In the 'sitting' picture, are you actually on the commode?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda What happened to the threesome thread? I was about to make a sizable contribution. I talked to those ladies and they were not impressed with the size of your contribution.
They are too tight, and they do look ridiculous. Literally.
This thread is quite literally the cat's pajamas and the bee's knees. Or else I'm a monkey's uncle.
The OP's outfit bangs, it bangs!
best evar.
The tight shits are cutting off the circulation to his brain like hell.
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