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Noobfest '08. Seacrest out.
So, Forkit still hasn't been banned yet I see.
Yet more proof of the ASIBEM theory.
Sorry, swallowed it first.
I puked into my ass, slurped it out, puked it into my roommate's ass, slurped it, puked it into my roommate's mouth, and then got it puked back into my mouth. Then I puked it into my mouth.
Might want to emerge periodically from underneath your rock as well.
Apple Bottom Jeans party.
Don't worry, the internet is always a little confusing at first. You'll get used to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins New Thunder must really not like her face And when was the last time you posted your face here?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Your pants will ride up less if your feet aren't on the ceiling. Gravity, you know. So, wouldn't that make it 'riding down?'
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