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Where was the option for a 38S (Short)? Or did you mean 38R (Regular)?
How's the sizing for the Yuketen Four Canoe Moc compared to Sperry Top-Siders? For reference I wear a 9 in Sperrys.
@Crane's - :
Where can I buy Porter bags (Yoshida) in Osaka, Japan?
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream Get the Creative Recreation Italians only... the rest are crap. How is the sizing compared to non-Italian CR's? Similar to Common Projects since the sole may be made by the same factory...???
I also have the same model for over a year. The bag/briefcase is as described above but let me emphasize that it is heavy.
Didn't he also try to kill himself but the gun jammed?
I'll be traveling in Italy and France and need comfortable black oxford type shoes for my wide feet. Any suggestions? For reference, I wear Campers when I need to walk for hours.
Stephane Pompougnac station on Pandora
South America - Brazil, Argentina and Uraguay S.E. Asia - the Philippines, New Zeland ...this is of course assuming I have acquired the proper travel docs/residency visas and/or citizenship and a residence in the respective country
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