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If anyone is interested in a pair of Unionmade Hallecks in size 9.5D drop me a line. I'd like to pass them along to another forum member before shipping them back to Unionmade. I have so many shoes on my wishlist and unfortunately I don't have the shoe budget of some on here. I would be open to trades for similar condition Alden boots, hell maybe someone isn't happy with their recent TSM Ravello boots.
Hello All, Recently picked these up from Unionmade. These are awesome shoes and I really want to keep them, but at the same time I really want a pair of wingtips with a commando sole. Offering them up here for a couple days for fellow SF members before I pack them up and return to Unionmade. I simply want to get back what I have invested in the shoes plus actual shipping costs to your door. Please let me know if you have any questions. Photos are of the actual pair...
I just bought a pair of these, got a good deal on a pair that I couldn't pass up. I was blown away at how comfortable these were right out of the box. I've worn them a couple times now and they get more comfy everytime.I'm going to sell my collection of Ralph Lauren C&J's to fund the purchase of a couple more Aldens.
OMG!! Those look amazing!! Mega stoked that mine should be here on Thursday, Friday at the latest.
They unfortunately do not have any tan offerings. But I just picked up one of these Apolis belts and love it so far.http://store.apolisglobal.com/accessories/roll-belt/#tobacco
Good grief!! I was on the Unionmade site last night at like 8:30 and didn't see the new releases. Now the size 9's in the Halleck are all gone. Maybe I'll pull the trigger on the 9.5 and buy a pack of wool socks to fill the space, lol.
I was thinking that too, but the JCrew picture is sooooo bad. I'd like to see these in person.
I'm cleaning out the closet to raise funds for some new winter purchases. I bought these shirts new back in the summer of 2013 and they have basically sat my closet ever since. I don't need them and they more than likely don't even fit anymore. Shirts come from a clean smoke free home. Shirts are still shown on the TM Lewin website if you need better pics. -Fitted Plain White Poplin Button Cuff Shirt -Fitted Plain White Oxford Button Cuff Shirt -Fitted Blue Poplin...
I was actually wondering the same thing last night. I'd like a pair of blue winter weight pants. In the past I've never fit well into the USA cut, way to big in the crotch and leg area. I have about 5 pairs of the Italian cut but all were purchased about a year and half ago. I might pull the trigger on the USA cut pants I'm looking at. If I do I'll post some pictures and thoughts. If they don't work out I'll just return them. I guess I have gotten lucky but I've not...
Thank you for posting those comparison pics . I've been on the fence on Bob's Chili, still am...LoL. I'm going to head over to the AE store tomorrow to hopefully catch a glimpse in person. I'm itching to pull the trigger on some McAllister's.
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