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9D. I was about to pull the trigger on the similar JCrew model, but when these popped up Monday night with the Commando sole I had to do it.
Breaking in my new Alden x Leffot Greenwich Boot
I really like those, especially with my typical casual attire. I've been thinking about ordering a pair of these. Nice to see some real shots of them out in the open.
Paul Smith mid-grey two button, single vent suit. Tagged size is a 42R, see measurements below. My wife bought me this a couple years ago out in LA. I do not see the model identified on the suit jacket, and I've searched online for a while trying to identify it. Worn a couple of times to weddings. I don't wear suits on a regular basis, and have others I go to first. Jacket is Notch label, Two Button, and Single Rear Vent Jacket. Pants are Flat Front and No...
Up for sale is a pair of Raleigh Denim, Nash Straight fit in size 33. I picked these up last year and have only worn them a couple of times. I don't wear jeans enough and not really interested in the whole break-in process. These are made in the USA in Raleigh, NC and are currently offered at retail for around $285. $110 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Please PM if interested or need additional information or additional pictures. Measurements: Waist: 35" Rise:...
I swear I've read on this thread somewhere that folks have had luck using AE's Chili edge dressing to clean up Lindrick and Marlow models.
People that collect Alden's
Starting to break in my new Marlow's today, keeping them on the office carpet for the next couple of weeks. Such a painful process with these C&J Ralph Lauren's, they are super duper stiff. My Lindrick's are still not 100% broken in and I've worn those at least 15 times.
If anyone is interested in a pair of Unionmade Hallecks in size 9.5D drop me a line. I'd like to pass them along to another forum member before shipping them back to Unionmade. I have so many shoes on my wishlist and unfortunately I don't have the shoe budget of some on here. I would be open to trades for similar condition Alden boots, hell maybe someone isn't happy with their recent TSM Ravello boots.
Hello All, Recently picked these up from Unionmade. These are awesome shoes and I really want to keep them, but at the same time I really want a pair of wingtips with a commando sole. Offering them up here for a couple days for fellow SF members before I pack them up and return to Unionmade. I simply want to get back what I have invested in the shoes plus actual shipping costs to your door. Please let me know if you have any questions. Photos are of the actual pair...
New Posts  All Forums: