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I've not had any issues receiving or return product recently, or ever for that matter. In fact I just packaged up a pair of pants I received recently for return. I typically include a note with the return detailing what I want / need (i.e. full refund or exchange). Sometimes with the small vendors its easier to just order the new product and return the old as opposed to trying for an all out exchange. Not sure what your payment method was, but 4 months is a really long...
I just received a slightly used pair off Ebay and I'm happy so far. I spent less than $100 on them and they fit better than my Clarks.
Just received my recent order. Winter is dragging on so it was time for some new pants. Great sale prices that you cannot pass up. VBC Super 100s Winter Flannel - Mid Gray Super 100s Winter Flannel - Light Gray
I would say a 9. I wear a 10D in most (not all) AE lasts and I purchased my Lindrick's in a 9.5.
Previously made. They were for sale and may still be by a member here (Namor).
The label in black just signifies that it's a regular fit shirt. The silver labels reflect the slim fit shirts. I have 5-6 of their patterned shirts that I wear as "sport shirts" to work all week. I have no need to wear suits or jacket and tie to work. Leave it up to imagination, you can wear just about any of their shirts with jeans or chinos.
I'd keep the Lindrick, but you can't go wrong either way. I work and live in a more casual environment so I like the Lindrick with jeans. I want to get Gianni's next fall during the sale though too, lol .
I was going to start the "Mac Method" on the carpet this week at work to break in my Lindrick's. Yea not so much. The bottoms of these shoes are like freakin ice skates, and I know how to ice skate, lol. I'm going to drop these off at a local cobbler tomorrow to get a topy sole installed otherwise it's only a matter of time before I go down.
I just ordered a pair of the Coyle's as well. I was actually looking through the Alden page on their website this morning when I saw the banner advertising their sale. Can't beat a nice pair of boots at $299.
Price drop to $110 shipped.
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