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Received my bracelets today, they look fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Please pass the popcorn.
Do you work in the NFL?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Really?? That's all you got out of that? Mkay. No. They aged very badly for the most part. Probably from being gingers. Not using sunblock, not taking care of themselves. At least 2 out of 3 sisters appear to be lesbians. But if I need to be reminded of the obvious and trite fact that life is ephemeral, I can look in the mirror or at photos of myself from 30 years ago, you know?
People get old? Very insightful 'project'.
Yuck. Poor taste.
It's because your shoes are AE seconds. AE firsts have better leather and less chrome salt left from the tanning process. So I've heard. I don't have any AEs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger He cuts corners, lies, and wouldn't put stealing past him. He takes the least responsibility for his actions as he possibly can. Should I feel bad about not recommending him? I would feel bad about being friends with a liar and a thief. shrug Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Evans Loyalty comes first. You ain't much of a friend if you don't help him get the job and maybe better his...
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry This-thread-needs-an-update bump.... Maybe vox will tell us what he had for lunch.
Great deal on that RLPL scarf. I have one just like it.
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