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wanted to buy new or EUC BB dress shirts size slim fit 16/35 in basic colours. Preferable single cuffs and no iron, no Supima or OCBDs. PM
Pm'd for 10.5.
Pm sent for blue/white.
Pm'd ten days ago for trading similar Alfred Sargeants. Waiting your reply
UK or US size ?
As mentioned, barrel cuffs, must be "exellent user condition" or new, light blue or pink, no OCBD, prices must include post to EU. Totally needed 2-4 shirts. Pls PM.
Hello, unfortunately the shoes arrived in wrong colour. I was ordering burgundy but you were delivering the black ones. How do we handle this ?
Wanted to buy mentioned AE-shoes, must be in good condition. McNeil's are consired as well. Delivery to EU, pls pm for further info.
Sorry, meant to PM.
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