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Pm'd for 10.5.
Pm sent for blue/white.
Pm'd ten days ago for trading similar Alfred Sargeants. Waiting your reply
UK or US size ?
As mentioned, barrel cuffs, must be "exellent user condition" or new, light blue or pink, no OCBD, prices must include post to EU. Totally needed 2-4 shirts. Pls PM.
Hello, unfortunately the shoes arrived in wrong colour. I was ordering burgundy but you were delivering the black ones. How do we handle this ?
Wanted to buy mentioned AE-shoes, must be in good condition. McNeil's are consired as well. Delivery to EU, pls pm for further info.
Sorry, meant to PM.
Hello, They're not selling those in EU. If some has those unused i can buy them. Preferable colour "smoked gun". http://www.hushpuppies.com/US/en-US/Product.mvc.aspx/11393M/19568/Mens/Wayne Pls, use PM
New Posts  All Forums: