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Just received these in the mail but they are a bit too fitted for my taste. J. Crew Classic-fit charcoal pinstripe wool trousers Absolutely brand new with tags, just tried on for sizing. SOLD Stock pics below, actual pics can be provided for those that would like them.
everything sold. thanks guys.
duffle sold. parka still available
Duffle coat: shoulder: 19.5" P2P: 23" Length 31" Field Parka: shoulder: 19.5" p2p: 22.5" length 31"
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Measurements on both? Any chance of actual fit pics? i'll get measurements up tonight
Prices include shipping within the continental US Int'l buyers please PM for an estimate on shipping costs. Please mark paypal payments as a gift otherwise add 4% Engineered Garments Navy Duffle Coat Sz Large SOLD Typical EG attention to detail - gently used and still in great condition. Quilted lining makes this an excellent winter coat Engineered Garments Dark Grey Wool Field Parka sz Large SOLD Barely used and in excellent condition. A lighter weight coat than the...
I just received a pair of shell cordovan bal wingtips in a 9E which are on the tremont last but i'm not sure about the fit since they lace up quite differently from my other balmorals. there's also some heel lift but that could just be due to the stiffness of the double sole so it's hard to tell basically, it seems like i won't be able to tighten up the shoes properly once/if they stretch out some and maybe i'd be better off with a 8.5E? any thoughts on how balmorals are...
are the NS still available? what's with the dirt stain on the leg of the NS?
Are there any online retailers that stock a selection of Alden balmorals (preferably in shell cordovan) in a 3E? Or will i have to resort to special ordering? Thanks.
The 710s still available? If so, pics and measurements please.
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