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fixed pics and dropped price.
Quote: Originally Posted by meso And the advantage to paying more than price new would be.....? unintentional GBP/USD conversion error - thanks for catching that.
Payments via paypal only (please send payment via the "Personal" tab or add 4%) I have numerous references here and SuFu so please feel free to ask. Sanders Olly Dirty Buck Suede Brogues sz 7.5UK - these would fit an 8 or 8.5 US (maybe even a 9 as these are country brogues so they have a bit more room. Fairly common knowledge now that Sanders makes shoes for Mark McNairy. Barney's carried a green version of these same exact shoes under the Mark McNairy label and I...
bump. dropped the price
drop for president's day.
price drop again.
bump with another drop
price drop. great deal on a great pair of shoes
Price drop. Styling may not be everyone's cup of tea, but great boots nonetheless.
price drop
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