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Would like to get $1000 shipped (or best offer) in the continental US (net of fees). 9/10 - barely worn. Int'l shipping will be a bit extra depending on location.
Are there belt loops on the back of the snow smock? Thinking of buying one and would prefer to wear it without the belt. May look weird to wear it beltless if it has a row of loops on the back.
Just wondering if anyone's come across any shoes on the Barrie last with a 270 degree welt? I've seen the pair below that LeatherSoul did last year but they're no longer available. Other than the plain toe (which I already own), are there any other options (calf or cordovan) on the Barrie that would work as a dress shoe?
Please send paypal payments as a gift or add 4% Price includes shipping in the continental US. PM for intl shipping. Brand new Mark McNairy x S/Double Longwing Brogue with a creeper sole sz 9.5US Released with limited availability and retailed for $255 plus shipping. Asking $210.
price drop
Sorry in advance if this is dumb question but would a 9.5D fit similar to a 9E in width? The reason I ask is because I was at a local store looking to try on some Alden 907s (Hampton last) in a 9E and the salesman brought out a 9.5D which he said would have similar fit. I was just curious if he was just fudging it to make a sale or if there's some truth to that statement.
Does anyone know where I might be able to find captoe dress shoes (blucher or bal) on the Barrie last? I know LeatherSoul had one or two custom makeups but I think they're sold out. Looking for an 8.5D or 9D. Thanks in advance.
Does cordovan stretch out as much as calfskin over time? I'm in between sizes and don't want to go up half a size if there's as much give as my calfskin pairs.
Please pay as a gift or add 4% Brand new never worn Maison Martin Margiela Sweatshirt with split hem detail size 48 / Medium. Smooth and soft to the touch. Fit pics from Tres Bien Shop. Asking $250 shipped in the continental US.
Please send payments as a gift or add 4% Price includes shipping in the continental US. Brand new never worn Maison Martin Margiela German Army Trainers sz 43 Asking $270 shipped in the US
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