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Thinning the herd of winter scarves so someone who might still use them are welcome. Take the entire set and just send me payment for shipping. The black is 100% cashmere and so is the Longchamp brand gray one. The blue is knitted wool and the burgundy feels like wool. Good condition and preowned. ********C L A I M E D**********
For some member who is looking to try some used english made shirts in smaller size 14.5/37. The two Harvey & Hudson have modified spread collars, pockets and a french cuff and barrel cuff. The Turnbull & Asser has modified spread collar and is french cuff and Hilditch & Key has straight point and is also french cuff. Good condition, no wear marks on cuffs and collars. I got these to try some english made RTW shirts. All are shades of light blue color. Ask you pay for cost...
Monogram added. Shirtmaven and Mack, thanks for your input.
I came into a batch of these Truzzi/Gianni Campagna light blue dress shirts, all new without tags. Wondering what those of you who have some experience with this brand can make of my shirts. There is no size label, no material content label, no made in italy label, no cleaning instruction label either. There is also the sewed in collar stay. The initial ROP on the front of the shirt. The seller didn't have much information except to say the initials were a clothing shop,...
Perhaps next time you may want to look into using RAVE Fabricare in Scotsdale, Arizona. They take shipping orders now. After a local cleaner ruined my wool/cotton Brioni suit, I have been using RAVE, which is also recommended by the gentleman who runs the blog asuitablewardrobe. I've already have used them on my bespoke suits. They also do reweaving. In anycase RAVE offers some very informative information on dry cleaning process too on their website, which you might also...
P. M. sent.
Clifford Model in Last 337 U.K. size 10. Been looking for one for a while and finally snagged one preowned.
Art and Gary Thompson at Optimo are two of our country's few remaining hatmakers and not only artists at what they make but gentleman professionals to boot. I am lucky to own two preowned lids from each and have had them downsize them with good luck. Some here should pick these fedoras up. The prices for new ones keep going up. Some say the vintage rtw felt fedoras from before 1960's are great but Art's and Gary's handcrafted lids use nice materials too. Just ask another...
I have a peacoat in olive color though a bit more greener shade to it than your sport coat and I paired it with burgundy corduroy and also one in dark blue. I've also tried wearing it with a medium shade gray trousers as well and it works for me. Wore light blue shirt with all three trousers too.
P.M. sent for Finamore knitted hat.
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