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For some forum member willing to undertake and find a good reweaver a really nice light weight wool sport coat with Bijan label and marked in ink as 36 R and made in Italy. I know that Bijan has used quite a few European makers and the label in this coat sort of reminds me of Caraceni's used on some of Luciano Barbera's Sartoriale line. Double vented and two buttons and with nonworking cuff buttons. Lapel at widest 3 1/4 inches. Minimal shoulder padding....
For sale is a preowned Hermes light brown sweater in excellent condition. No holes, wear marks, pulls, stains. Worn less than a half dozen times. Purchased new several seasons ago at Neiman Marcus. Size label says XL but runs smaller I think. Closer to size Large. Just want to make it absolutely clear that it is meant to be worn mostly like a knit shirt because the light weight and not designed to be worn over a shirt like a regular sweater. Measurements: Shoulder seam...
For sale is a preowned Corthay Arca model in black color in excellent condition. Worn only inside the house. Includes original box, original shoe trees, original shoe bags. Size written on the soles say 11 1/2 and it fits like a U.S. 11 1/2 D to me. I have a John Lobb Luffield model in U.K. size 10 1/2 and the fit is similiar in my opinion. Purchased new in 2010 and from my own wardrobe. Outside measurements: 12 5/8 inches length and 4 1/8 inches width. Inside: 11 3/4...
For sale is a set of two vests made by Paul Smith London in small size. Both have tags that say Made in Italy and Size Small. The black vest is 100% silk and the gray check vest is 100% wool. Both in excellent conditon. No stains and no wear marks anywhere. Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 19 inches Length from top of collar at the back: 22 inches Asking $90.00 for the SET of two vests. Shipping within continental U.S. is $12.00.
Nice looking watch. Might help to give the measurements for the case though and if you can , reveal some history of this timepiece like who it belonged to (someone in your family perhaps) or where you sourced it. Details of its condition is also helpful, like mentioning deep scratches, dings etc. If you can, a clear closeup of the dial would be good too. Does it keep good time?
If I were to do over again and buy ready to wear dress shirts, I'd buy Barba black label, Finamore and Truzzi. I have purchased ready to wear shirts by Kiton, Oxxford, Hilditch & Key, Fray, Brioni, Zegna, Harvey & Hudson, Turnbull & Asser.
P.M. sent
Still available? I'm sort of interested. I live and work in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Regards, Robert
I would frequent Timezone.com and look at all the beautiful watches there and read all the very informative articles available to everyone who finds Timezone.com. I've been a watch collector for some time now and that's what I'd do if I were looking to spend your kind of money for a personal timepiece to own. When looking at them, just remember that perhaps not more than 10 percent of the total cost of a watch is in the exterior and in what your eye can see.....the real...
Leave all your worries behind and send it to RAVE Fabricare in Scottsdale, Arizona. Just sent and received my H. Huntsman & Sons suit.
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