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Shoes are sold. Thanks Style Forum.
I have for sale worn black a. testoni blucher. Asking $60 shipped within continental U.S. The shoes are from my personal collection and purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue about three years ago. Worn only a few times as they fit a bit too large for me. Outside measurements are 12 5/8 and 4 1/2 inches. Inside markings 11458 0307 11. I believe it is U.S. size 11 D. Insole has a. testoni BOLOGNA ITALIA printed in gold lettering. It is in excellent condition. Box included but not...
Attachment 1061I have for sale brown Bruno Magli loafers U.S. size 11. Asking $25 including shipping within continental U.S. The shoes were bought new 3 years ago. Includes original box which shows retail sticker "$250.00" and clearance sticker "$159.50." In good condition. Contact me at juliusarief@msn.com for pics and questions you may have.
I read in a previous post that jacket like yours with inside pocket lined with shell material indicated Attolini made. However, an additional clue is the green rectangle label with "Luciano Barbera" in red.
One week ago I also found a new Ralph Lauren Made in England dress shoes, chestnut color advertised as "Polo" by the seller. It came with original box labeled "Ralph Lauren," "Burnished Chestnut," M9101702 and "Bench Made in England." It is inscribed inside the shoe "RLE-550/9946" as well. The bottom of the sole is labeled "Polo."
FYI there is a collection of preowned Artioli's on Ebay right now in size 9.5 that I was interested in, all loafers though. It's being auctioned off by a estate selling business and you have to call them to get any info. Best of luck.
I acquired the Jiffy portable steamer for my fine suits and cashmere coats, ties and scarfs. For pressing my Kiton and Fray dress shirts I stick to my trusty Rowenta after handwashing. The steamer works well taking wrinkles out of the dress shirts that have been folded for travel or storage but it doesn't replace careful ironing for that crispness you want.
I have for sale a U.S. size 11 medium Bruno Magli loafers in brown. Included is the original box and the box is marked "Braxton-10210 Brown Nappa 11 M." Inside the shoe the same label is provided. The insole is inscribed "BRUNO MAGLI Made in Italy Bologna" as well. I purchased the loafers about 3 years ago and wore them just about a dozen times hence. I would rate them in very good condition and have lots of pics to provide upon request. Asking price including shipping...
I thought I'd share something most forum members might find useful. Recently I acquired a fine suit and it came from Germany packaged in FedEx box really too small for it. The jacket and trousers were folded so many times that the wool was wrinkled in many areas. I recalled reading a thread somewhere here on the subject of clothes steamers and found one on the internet and ordered. Today I removed all the wrinkles on my fine Italian suit within a few minutes. Highly...
I would also like to ratify using Ebay. Recently I got a Neiman Marcus lizard belt preowned at auction on Ebay. There is a very nice Mont Blanc black leather belt with box on Ebay at this moment . I purchased a Tralfagar alligator belt at Filene's for less than $150 and a brown alligator Martin Dingman at Nordstrom Rack for same price.
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