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  Preowned WW Chan sport jacket in very good condition. I believe it is size 38 regular. Measurements: Shoulder seam to seam across the back and at top:  18 inches Armpit to armpit across the front:  20.5 Length from bottom of collar:  29 Sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff:  24 Lapel at widest:  3.25. Dual vents, 2 into 3 buttons at front, partially lined, minimal shoulder padding, 4 working or open cuff buttonholes. Color is light brown background with...
        Preowned LORO PIANA car coat/field coat in excellent condition. Size label says eu 54.  Measurements:   Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across back:  19 5/8 inches   Armpit to armpit across front:  24   Waist across middle button:    21 6/8   Length from bottom of collar:   31 6/8   Sleeve from shoulder seam:     26 4/8. I believe size in U.S. is 44 or Large. Material labels says 49% Cotton, 46 % Wool, 5% Cashmere. Mid-weight and it is...
Very nice collection from senior member. Perhaps a general statement of the widths and lengths would help interested buyers. Are they mostly more than 3.75 inches or 3.5 inches or less and 57 inches or longer than 60 inches.
Thanks for bringing my attention to your lovely madder tie. I will keep it in mind.
thanks for your suggestion.
Looking for preowned ancient madder neckties in very good condition. Width about 3.5 inches, length less than 60 inches. Open concerning colors. Sam Hobber, Cappelli, Keyte, O'Connell's,Antonio Muro, etc.   UPDATE:   Thanks to all who replied and provided information and where to look. I have found the ties I wanted. 
P.M. sent for #5 Mabitex brown linen.
  Preowned Ercole's sportscoat from bespoke New York italian tailor. From my own wardrobe and acquired used about two years ago. Size is about U.S. 38. Measurements are:   Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the back:  18 inches   Armpit to armpit:  19 3/4    Sleeve: 23 1/2 Left; 23 3/4 Right   Length from bottom of collar:  28   Waist across the middle button:  17 3/4   Lapel at widest:  3 1/2. Coat is in excllent condition with no stains, no wear...
Private message sent.
  New without price tag Cardigan Wool Sweater made in Ireland. Size is small 36-38. Color is light beige or wheat. Measurements:  Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 18 inches Armpit to armpit:  19 Sleeve from shoulder seam 21 or from middle of neck 31 Length from bottom of collar 26 Collar at widest part 2 1/4. Label says Made in Ireland, Inis Craft. Another label says Merino Wool. Size label says Small. Mid weight wool. Tried on once and it doesn't fit me...
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