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Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Adrian told me that if you wear an E width in C&J these would be a bit wider (the Stratfords are an F width). This is standard UK sizing - go down half a size in length (i.e., I'm a 9.5, so I buy size 9 UK shoes). Geoff Thanks
How does that boot's UK size equate with US sizing? Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Here we go - what do you guys think?
Just like OP, these were a touch too big for me. Are you a true 11D? What are the outsole measurements? I'm not familiar with the AE #8 last.
at 10:04 pm Fri night still a nice selection of sizes. Also a good deal on the burgundy shell Bradley, the AE Clifton and a few other shoes.
This only proves that I will never find a decent C&J 10.5 E at a tasty price. LoL
I wonder if the same Portuguese factory made these wingtips for Sak's fashion director, Eric Jennings. From an interview-- TSC: And one more fun question for our readers: If your closet was burning down, and you had to take one thing only from it, what would you take? EJ: [Laughs, thinks for a bit] ...Probably these shoes. I mean, I love these shoes! They're actually Saks Fifth Avenue, wingtip...pebble-grain wingtip. I live in these shoes. Suits, jeans, shorts, no...
I was lucky to find a pair of new old stock Hanover shell longwings in 11D. Beautiful. Great shoes. Run true to size. Will last you a lifetime.
In the past six months I've probably sent 30 packages usps priority with no foulups. Received almost as many with no hiccups. One first class package to Canada worked like a charm. Two int'l first class packages to Europe worked like a charm One int'l express package to Japan got there fast even with customs. 100 percent success.
the staff in this particular shoe department can be quite snooty and unhelpful. Sounds like almost everybody working retail or waiting tables in LA. LoL
Quote: Originally Posted by Volkl I notice Allen Edmonds has at least one model with rubber soles for everyday wear (I am not talking about the rubber protective layer that a cobbler can apply, but actual rubber soles). Given my knee and back issues, my doc has recommended that rubber soles are highly advisable for anything I wear frequently. I am in the market for a great pair of shoes. Will I be able to find many options with rubber soles? If the...
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