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To the top! Received a couple PMs so far. Keep em coming!
Looking for any DH MIJ 19cm's in either size 28 or 29. Please PM me if you have a pair your interested in selling. I've bought/sold a lot of stuff on eBay and SuperFuture so I have references.
Looking for any Dior ( DH ) Raw denim, new or worn, size 28 to 29, Indigo. PayPal ready.
Whats the size on the toj?
I'm looking for a Toj Varsity size 45 or 46... I'd like a black body / white sleeves, but I'll entertain the idea of any color. Help a dude out, please!
Any other pictures of this?
Whats up guys? I'm looking for a Kangol x Cool Cats Grey Beanie... they just sold out on the website... I'm looking for the grey one seen here... Please email me @ Willing to pay $55 US (Its €39 on the Cool Cats site) Help a dude out!
Whats up guys? I'm trying to hunt down one of these jackets from Surface to Air's colab with Justice. I'm interested in the "Gaspard" in size "Small". At this point I'm willing to pay really any price... the lust I have towards this jacket is indescribable I know it was a limited release but someone has to have one sitting around somewhere! Please, Please someone hook a dude up! my email is or feel free to text me @...
Sorry man, I'll move it. Thanks :tup:
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