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I put my name on the list at Tourneau in NYC about 2.5 years ago and got a call like 10 days later. You'd have to have someone who can PAY locally but they were willing to ship it wherever. I ended up getting one from a trusted grey dealer, but wanted to share my experience.
Do you typically wear a size 10.5?
I'm in for a pair in snuff!
Gents, this guy is helping me count down the hours until I go close on my first home! Looking forward to being able to save up for a new watch now that I have this big expenditure under my belt!
If I'm about a medium shirt at J. Crew (38S jacket for reference)- similar size here? Haven't bought Epaulet shirts before. EDIT: Color I wanted is sold out. But still would be useful to know my size for future reference.
]Kenjo? Looked it up online. Is it legit?
Bummer about no short sizes! Sounds great though
The 512? Not feeling it or just making room for something new?
If this is a question of which two watches should you get- I would go with option A of new BLNR and vintage Sub. Biased as a BLNR owner, but it's amazing.
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