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I don't plan on buying anything while I'm there, so not too worried about prices. More worried about just finding a cool place that would be welcoming for me to see some stuff I haven't seen in person.
Hey gang, I have a few hours to kill in New York next Friday and wanted to check out some watches. I was planning on dropping by the IWC and Panerai boutiques. Any good places to just browse some vintage watches, maybe try some stuff on, or just chat with folks? I know some of the places are so small and it can be awkward just standing there looking at watches. Vintage Universal Geneve has really caught my eye lately but I am very uneducated on that brand. Do you think...
Anyone notice Neil Patrick Harris wearing what I think was a Royal Oak? It was definitely an AP with the same bracelet style as the RO. Not like that makes the watch any cooler, but it is just fun to watch TV and notice a detail that few others would pick up.
Others' reactions made it seem you were just joking around. In case you weren't, I'll chime in and say that while I don't have photos, mine are great and I wear them with dress trousers, jeans, and chinos and they look good with all of them. Only thing that I think would be weird is with very slim trousers as the shoe isn't super sleek. Love mine
So much BLNR hype these days. I love wearing mine every day.
Good grief!
Looks great!Too funny!
Interesting. I'm looking at your photo and looking at my BLNR and scratching my head a bit, but I think my date window takes up a tiny bit more of the space in the cyclops than yours, so I guess maybe you do have less magnification. Pretty tough to measure that though. Any time I hear stuff about fake watches it makes me the slightest bit nervous bc this was/is my first watch and I was purchased second hand (trusted seller on rolexforum). Can't do much at this point, so...
Any chance you'd share the price you paid? Simply out of curiosity.
Skipped the Epaulet #8 boots this afternoon. Anyone have the word if Leffot plans on doing another Naval boot? That's really what I want.
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