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Any recommendations for some watch browsing in San Francisco? I know there's a Tourneau and HQ Milton. Heading there for work today and have several hours free tomorrow.
Sorry, I should clarify, those are all the choices I'm going between in my head! I think the question is where do I want to go next and nothing rises to the top and shouts at me to be the first purchase.
Speaking of BLNR....I bought this in spring of 2014 and have had it on my wrist almost every day since then. I haven't been able to come up with a definitive next addition yet. Have been been going back and forth between a few different watches including a 1931 Reverso, PAM512, JLC ultra thin moon, Speedmaster, and IWC Portuguese Automatic. It's been fun learning about different watches in the last couple years!
I do have a navy suit that works perfectly for those occasions, so you make a good point. Maybe now I should decide between the grey pique and the gunmetal cross-hatch?
I think shoe color and occasion would be my primary questions. This truly represents the paradox of choice problem!
Ok gang, my indecision for a grey suit continues. Between dark pewter birdsye, charcoal wool pique, and E Thomas charcoal hopsack, what's the most versatile? Probably stuck between wool pique and hopsack at the moment. And Mike/@Epaulet, how bold are the pinstripes? It's hard to tell with pinstripes on an up close swatch.
I've never owned a flannel suit and not seeing the fabric in person has me nervous. Plus I live in Virginia and just think flannel is too warm for me.
Thanks for all those opinions guys! "Clown costume" was probably overkill but I had images of a Suit Supply ad in my mind. Sounds like Onyx is probably too dark for what I want. @Epaulet, are we done on fabrics? I'm hoping to find some sort of mid-to-slightly dark grey to use as a fairly traditional business suit, among other uses. The "pure cashmere charcoal flannel" seems like the right color, but not the right material.
@Epaulet I was thinking about this as I don't have any loud suits, but how much do you think it'd look like a clown costume? And just following up on a question earlier about the onyx as a nice conservative business suit....thoughts?
How dark is the onyx? That color brings to mind almost black, but in the photo it looks like it would make a damn fine charcoal suit.
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