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If George can do it, so can I! [[SPOILER]]
Hey guys- what do you think about wearing essentially a velvet tuxedo jacket (satin peak lapels) with velvet slippers? Too much velvet? Would be worn in more of a party situation rather than a wedding, gala, formal event, etc.
I think "the pattern is full" is probably a very accurate phrase for many members here with several makeups all in the works!
Wish these were a 10D in barrie! Great deal, but a half size too big for me.
As well as a Turnograph
I would likely be interested if the eyelets were dark as opposed to brass. Natural vs. light brown/chili isn't a deal breaker at all. I'd tend to agree with you on the natural being too light. I do want to throw a caveat in here that I'm not really in the buying market for a little while. I'll keep an eye on things and if that makeup progresses, see what my budget looks like at that time. Hope you can get it going!FWIW, it does seem like we might be getting ahead of...
Wow, so great. Would be very interested in a similar makeup. Flat laces and exposed dark eyelets look great.
Yeah I probably would have gone with the 34 had I realized. However I'm sure it won't be a problem getting it cut down. Not sure where best to take it. Think a cobbler would be the best bet?
Has anyone had any issues with their CXL belt stretching out? Mine seems to have stretched about an inch, or about a hole and a half when measured against the calf belt I bought at the same time.
Guys, I just got a brown CXL and a Caramel Calfskin belt in the mail today. I can't tell you how impressive the CXL belt is in person. I've also been searching for a good lighter colored belt to match my walnut shoes and it's a perfect match. The buckle isn't quite as formal as I wanted, but it's easily changed out, so no biggie. Plus, the size fits me perfectly! Looking forward to wearing my caramel duck canvas and coffee G&L's as well.
New Posts  All Forums: