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Tons of great comments on the Hulk/Kermit comparison. Thanks folks!
Can anyone give a quick tutorial on the various green Subs? Hulk vs Anniversary (with opinions)? I've done some background research and can't quite figure out what is what. Best understanding is the Hulk has the larger hour markers and is green on green, while the anniversary is green bezel only.
I put my name on the list at Tourneau in NYC about 2.5 years ago and got a call like 10 days later. You'd have to have someone who can PAY locally but they were willing to ship it wherever. I ended up getting one from a trusted grey dealer, but wanted to share my experience.
Do you typically wear a size 10.5?
I'm in for a pair in snuff!
Gents, this guy is helping me count down the hours until I go close on my first home! Looking forward to being able to save up for a new watch now that I have this big expenditure under my belt!
If I'm about a medium shirt at J. Crew (38S jacket for reference)- similar size here? Haven't bought Epaulet shirts before. EDIT: Color I wanted is sold out. But still would be useful to know my size for future reference.
]Kenjo? Looked it up online. Is it legit?
Bummer about no short sizes! Sounds great though
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