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As did I (1/2 size down from my standard size). Feels like Christmas Eve waiting for UPS to arrive at the office today! I'll post pictures at some point this afternoon.
I actually could see my name marked on a sticky on the shoe box in the Leffot Instagram photo. Happy day!
Others have chimed in already, but I just walked in and had mine regulated while I waited. I'm sure you will have no problem dropping something off for a full service. They are really nice in there. I had a great experience.
Can someone clarify the current RO lineup available from US ADs as it relates to sizes? I'd love to put on both a 15300 and 15400 and compare the two sizes at some point, but if I'm not mistaken, the 15300 was discontinued? You guys an AD might have one of each but the boutiques probably wouldn't?
Glad it worked out, but kind of a bummer of a problem to have in the first place. Always feels good fixing stuff yourself!
On those EPLA short sleeve henleys, I'm a 38S jacket all day long. Should I be looking at a tagged L, true size M or tagged M true size S?
I noticed Jordan Spieth was wearing one in a press conference this morning. Good company!
Hi all, You (likely do not) remember my questions on the RSC in NY and having them take a look at my BLNR that was running quite fast. I popped up there, within 45 minutes, they had pressure tested, regulated to +1 second, and covered both services for free. I was on my way and a happy camper. Great result!
I've just heard that the NY center will honor warranties even if not the original owner. I'm not terribly stressed about it, I'd rather know the watch is running properly. If it turns out to be free, that's great. If they charge me, oh well. The warranty time frame is theoretically still valid, so we'll just see what happens.
Thanks for the info. I'll see what happens!
New Posts  All Forums: