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That happened to me at one point and I ended up getting an additional discount. I think mine ended up being only like $450 or around there after all was said and done. Figured the discount was worth it since they'd look a bit scuffed on the bottom after just a wear or two from me anyway.
I'm really torn between tan and snuff LWB I think. Only going to get one new pair, so I have to narrow it down.
Snuff PTB, LWB, or chukkas? I'm leaning towards the latter two. Would be worn with chinos or jeans. EDIT: Or tan?
Lucky to have snagged a 10D. These should be coming right in time for fall to hit I'd imagine!
I got my bonus this week and Naval pre-order happens!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zT8AyfsFmA&t=153
All this Naval boot talk....is Leffot doing a pre-order soon? I know they don't do lists.
Looking great! A pair of snuff LWB is in my future. Hard to see the color on a lot of websites, but yours is fantastic.
I mentioned to everyone a few days ago I'd be in NYC on business and looking at some watches in the flesh. Flight to La Guardia got cancelled due to planes going sledding on the runway that day, but I was in Miami this weekend so I got a second chance. I was hoping to go to the AP, JLC, Panerai, and IWC boutiques, but ended up only being able to get to the Design District area on a Sunday which meant IWC was my only option of those four. I spent some time with the Big...
I'd say anything with a stainless steel bracelet would be a good addition. Love your reverso!
There are some occasions where maybe a vintage watch is coming from a less ubiquitous seller. I suppose the risks for a vintage being truly fake are lower, but risk for frankenwatches, etc is higher.
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