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With all the Rolex "value" discussions, I think folks have pointed out in the past that if you are just looking at the value of the materials or the movement, you are rarely getting a "good value/deal" with a Rolex. But with that said, I think you are getting a very handsome watch, that have usually a pretty solid resale value over time, and are fairly liquid (easy to sell) due to the generally good demand. I'm sure most would agree that spending the money on one is worth...
I don't think I can multi-quote on mobile, but thanks for all the thumbs up. It was a bit wild taking the leap but I am glad I did. I'm looking forward to building a small collection over time. Cheers everyone!
@mimo Thanks. I may end up with a vintage sub someday as it is just such a classic watch. But I love the idea that the BLNR isn't the same Role as on everyone else's wrist. I can't stop looking down at my wrist! I want to go slowly but I'm just getting started and I've enjoyed educating myself through this thread and other forums.
You all chimed in when I was asking for some advice between a Pelagos, Sub, and GMT BLNR. I ended up with the GMT and I'm really glad I went that way. Feels more differentiated than a sub and looks great in a lot of environments, especially my business casual office. Thanks for those that encouraged me to get what I really wanted and not settle for a substitute.
Guys, you've offered a lot to think about. I'll stew in my analysis paralysis a little longer but thanks for everyone's opinions!
I hear what you're saying. I'm not sure if I'm settling so much as learning about something new. Everyone gives the Pelagos rave reviews and I KNOW I'll be thrilled when I get the BLNR next year. This is my first watch but I (think) my ideal stable would be 4 watches, adding an IWC Portuguese Chrono (a real dress watch) and some type of Panerai Luminor (looks good on the brown leather on Saturdays, etc). All three are somewhat similar, I agree, which is why I thought...
If you guys had to pick two out of these three, which would you choose? Rolex GMT BLNR Rolex no-date Sub (probably pick that up used) Tudor Pelagos (would probably pick that up used as well) I had always envisioned the two rolex collection until I discovered the Pelagos being very well-reviewed and being able to get it for roughly $3,500 or less used. My original thinking was I loved both of the Rolexes and could wear the sub on a nato for casual occasions. After reading...
Thanks. I was just a little worried because my AD made it sound like they haven't exactly been easy for them to get hold of.
Does anyone have any clue whether the black and blue GMT will continue? Any reason why Rolex would stop making it? I eventually want an older Sub and the black and blue GMT. I'm inclined to get the more affordable watch first, but if there's any chance Rolex would discontinue the GMT, I suppose I would want to target that one first.
Tifosi Timepieces is what I've seen on the Rolex forum. Looks like you've come across some great watches in the past!
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