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Ok so the discussions about IWC in-house movement at five figures, is that primarily talking about the Portuguese Classic 3904? What do folks think about that watch at about $8,500 (just on it's own) as well as compared to the Portuguese Automatic 5001? Reviews of the 3904 talk about the price being too high and clearly the second hand/unofficial dealer market agrees as I've seen several in the $8-9,000 range.
I got my BLNR from a trusted seller over there.
I don't know, but if you only want a re-sole, you might be better off with B. Nelson. Lots of good reviews for those folks.
Haha great pictures!I'll add my BLNR in there as well! GMT hand is set forward 8 hours while my girlfriend is on vacation with family in Africa.
Still debating the price of wales and the houndstooth.
Thankfully that black moto jacket isn't available in a small. I would have grabbed it for sure.
I'm such a wimp today...lots of options I'd like but feel like I don't absolutely need.
Everyone better post pics when their orders arrive. I'd love to see a lot of these fabrics in full context!
The four that are up now look like they're very nice. Sidenote: Obviously nobody has a crystal ball, but how likely do you think a pair of pants would be to unload here if the fabric wasn't what I envisioned? I always get nervous buying stuff when there's no option to return.
I believe it's A/W stuff and he is saving SS for a few months down the road.
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