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I wonder if Alden is a bigger/better customer for Horween so they get first dibs on the lighter colors?On the townleys, some type of shell would certainly be preferable. Maybe they could get a lighter batch with the stipulation that "it is what it is" in terms of imperfections (within reason, but I trust they wouldn't do the production run if the leather was too badly blemished).I'd vote PP for the boot.
Is the 337 still available new? It doesn't appear to be on the Panerai website. After a Hodinkee review, I really was turned on to that watch, but getting it doesn't seem to be that easy.
Looks like some prices on the Shoe Bank have come down a fair bit. Shell was $499 a week or so ago right? Down to $424 and other offerings now discounted as well.
Ugh I waaannnntttt oooonneeeee! Looks great!
Agree. I went ahead and bought a watch that I really wanted rather than buy something less expensive as a stepping stone. Would have ended up getting what I really wanted in the end anyway. Happy to have just leapfrogged right to where I wanted to be.
I believe I read that the 24 hour numbers on the bezel of the newest GMTs are done in platinum. Confirmation from anyone here?
I am feeling pretty good about grabbing the stock 403 brand new from a member here for $415. Commando sole would be nice, but not for an extra $160+tax/shipping.
Although the last shape is very very similar.
Fair to say my barrie size and trubalance size would be the same? Close to pulling the trigger on a pair of 403s. Only hesitation is I think they would be worn in the same situations as my Wings and HornxDayton service boots, which I have really grown to love and hate the idea of replacing.
I generally agree, but I did have a colleague tell me I had a nice "batman" the other day and it launched a conversation since it was a signal he's a watch lover. Wouldn't have happened if he just said, "I like your watch."
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