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I find I can't go as slim as jeans -- too tight around crotch/legs
Or just wear your sliqs to school? I dont see the problem? Wear them in, baby.
Send it to me!
Keep in mind that the water will seep up into other parts of the jeans if you attempt to soak one part only
Got any rear pics?
^ Lovely car
Did you try on Selvedge ones? Apparently they are made from completely different denim to non-selvedge
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew If your entry speed and turn in are done correctly (for a fast line), then you will be at full throttle by the apex of the turn. That's true for any car in any turn. And that's not punching it, because the throttle is smoothly squeezed down to the floor. Umm. No. Not for a classic racing line with RWD. Usually you gradually squeeze the throttle AFTER the apex, and should be on full throttle as you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by linux_pro no turbo lag They dont have turbo. If you actually mean CSL - buy it. Also I'm not too sure if you have your speeds down correct. I'm not sure of many cars without LSD that can go into a hairpin at 80mph.
They fit nicely! Good job!
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