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Quote: Originally Posted by ccc123 2" cuffs on everything i own except my jeans. Yes I spend a lot of time insisting when I need to break in a new tailor - except the old timers who just smile and nod then go to work! Is it true that shorter men should avoid cuffs, while taller gentlemen can afford larger cuffs? I've heard this before, but I'm not sure if its just a "urban myth". Any thoughts from the distinguished members??
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjr Excuse my ignorance, but is there another form of suspender? And any suggestions on a replacement tie? I am trying to be conservative, yet not too boring. Plus, I really like polka dots. OK. So, as a stoddy older guy... (I'm 32... so I'm sorta kidding) I suggest the following 1. Fix Tie: if your tall, as i suspect: get a long tie. Then use a full Windsor or 4-in-hand knot. This will give you a dimple and...
the real question is: do you like it? This is a very nice watch... as a watch addict myself... i prefer more bold watches. I too have small wrists, but you can get by with a 40mm watch ala Ball Watch Co. If you like it, thats all that matters.
Quote: Originally Posted by alorable Hey, I'm about to start my clinical rotations at dental school and I was wondering what everyones thought about wearing dress shirts from BoO (i.e. overdyed ocbd in plum, ash gray, ocean blue, forest green, etc) and similar fashion forward designers in a professional environment? I basically want a shirt that I can wear a tie with during school hours with my UVC, then pair up with some jeans for a night out at the...
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