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The collar style is related to the coat IMHO. I personally think that the collar points should align with the lapels. To me (I preface all comments with this...) I think it looks silly to wear a large spread collar with a 'skinny' suit. When the collar points lay under the lapels, the outfit looks awkward. that said, the P15 seems to complement most conservatively cut suits. I might try that cut with a double-button high collar shirt. Any thoughts and comments are...
great thanks. i'll order a higher collar on my order. best,
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz I generally get regular, and it's pretty stiff, but still takes on nice form with a tie. I will probably try out soft in the future. Gregaz, I really like your blue Gingham shirt. In combination with the blazer, it reminds of the style of 'Better off Ted'. What is the collar style, is it higher than the typical 1.75" and 3" points? Thanks in advance,
where can one find places that sell these brands at discounts? i've only seen used ones...
I believe this is called a Shelby. Used to be quite popular... rather lost now. please post pics when you can...
Quote: Originally Posted by nioh This threak reeks. no pun intended... right?
I've been looking for a briefcase and was looking at the B&R leather slimcase. In any case, I was informed by my local retailer that B&R is giving 20% off starting May 1. My retailer is honoring that price now, but it may be worth checking in advance. I'm not sure if this applies to all pieces or just briefcases, but its worth a shot. Best of luck,
ah... sorry my search failed!! any thoughts on the shirts? what makes the collar so high!!?? its awesome...
Newb alert---- Have you guys seen that new show "Better off Ted". The lead character has some nice shirts and suits. I particularly like the high collars and conservative spread. Any ideas on the make of these clothes? How would one describe these shirts so that I can attempt to duplicate with MTM? Thanks in advance for your help.
To add fuel to the debate... Any thoughts on the Men's Warehouse MTM program?? Has anyone here used this service. I assume the price will be comparable to Jantzen. thanks
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