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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Fuck you. +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vanos Interested. +1, also with measurements
Quote: Originally Posted by stewartu Wear it today. Have the alterations done when you can. Post this on Streetwear & Denim to get a different take on this look. As mentioned, shorten your jeans and sleeves when you can. I like the blue shirt and I would leave it untucked. +1. S & D may be a more suitable forum, this is a casual look. FWIW, I think its fine. Wear in good health
no joke. i was just in a rush and didn't type the complete name. I figured most "yunzers" would know what I meant by Alderdice,... Nonetheless, my question was answered when I looked up the tailor referenced in the prior posts. Any info on Distilo's?? The reviews on the net are not very informative.
After more trips to Irene... I have to reluctantly agree with justsayno. The work is sloppy. Its ok if you want something in a jiffy, like a simple hemming. Nothing mre complicated. I'm trying Rocky's now. I heard about a 'great' tailor across from Alderdice HS, in a bank building???? Any info on this? Thanks
Hi All, I came across these Thompson Shoes on yoox. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this brand. I've never heard of it and my searches on google and here have yielded nothing. Of course, given the price I'm not expecting C&J, but something that doesn't fall apart in a few weeks would be nice. I'm still bummed at missing the last PSA on yoox Thanks in advance,
+1 Sad to have snoozed and lost i'm looking for one in 8D... drop me a line if theres one to be had
Nice thread. Are DB's not recommended for short and skinny guys (like me)? It seems that the shoulder and button stances will tend to make men look broader in the shoulders. I've seen MaFoo rock one out, but then again, maybe he's broad in the shoulders... Comments are appreciated.
Palladio: please post some pics of their work. I really excited to find a quality tailor for such work in the PGH area. It would be great to see their work. BTW, do you know how much they charge for alterations? I need to get a sport coat shortened. Thanks in advance, Quote: Originally Posted by Palladio skingurut: I'd recommend Cicco's, if you're willing to drive to Butler (an easy drive 1 hour north of downtown Pittsburgh). They had no...
To revive this 'almost' dead thread.... any updates on the PGH tailors? i've had good luck with Irene in Sq Hill, but only for 'easy' shirt work. Thanks in advance
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