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Hi all, I just picked up these shoes and I am looking for advice on what to wear with these suede shoes. They are a bit light in color so I'm worried about looking too goofy. All help/comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance,
I just a pair of the Cole hann suede longwings on sale at nordstroms. I guess clearing of old stock...
Is the Harris Tweed double-breasted? seems to be from the pic, but I can't quite tell.
Can you post measurements on the Nautica overcoat? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Pic #2 is clearly violating the rule of thumb. Do you guys even know how a suit is supposed to fit? I really wonder sometimes.... I don't like how high the buttons are either. Unless its a three button and I can't spot the third button. But thats personal preference. Sleeves are too long, but you knew that. Getting an R instead of a L will fix...
^ LOL! Any day is OK for me. This time, I'll have sebastian's number to ensure we dont cross like ships in the fog
IMHO, the left side seam was not closed properly. Maybe one of the tailors (like Sator) could comment more eloquently on this. Nonetheless, you shoud have it fixed. If your tailor wont, then take it to another for an opinion. I suggest you find a SF-approved tailor in your locale. I'm not one for confrontation, so when I have this type of problem, I take it to another tailor. Good luck.
+1. thats a beaut
Congratulations and happy new year! I assume you wish to look at automatic/mechanical watches... if so: I would suggest you look at Bathys and Ball watches. These are well-made and reasonably priced pieces. As, Matt suggested vintage is also a good option, but make sure you get it from a reputable place and ensure that it has been serviced recently. A good overhaul on a vintage piece can cost several hundred. Best
As I understand it: when your arm is placed on your hip, 'akimbo'; the shirt cuff should end up, ~1.5 cm above the knuckle of your 5th finger. Your cuff should lay so that some (~1/4") shows below the sleeve of your jacket. The cuff can have some wiggle room if you wish for your wristwatch. Commments and clarifications from more senior members is of course appreciated.
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