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Personally, I like it. I'm not a big fan of the SF-favored no break in the trouser look. I think that the pic u posted is a nice yet conservative look. The pants have a medium break. The jacket doesn't have too much waist suppression, and the shoulders are softer. Hope this helps...
manhattan or soho in 7.5 in any dark color except black
So... as a pen collector, I'd like to offer my 2 cents. I preface my comments that these opinions reflect my bias as a fountain pen prefect. I agree with one of the prior posts, that FP offer a panache that cannot be obtained with ballpoints or rollerballs, although between the 2 rollerballs offer better performance. 1. Montbalnc is the most over-rated pen of all time! It doesn't write very well at all. There are so many better FPs 2. My choices for fountain...
I just got a pair of Trickers Piccadilly. I feel that the leather is of great quality and the channeled soles are great. The sizing is bigger than expected, better to go down a full size, IMHO. But, the shoes are more roomy in the heel than the vamp.
FWIW, I've tried all the tailors mentioned in this post. I have found that Rocky's and Distillo's are slightly more expensive than Irene's. The workmanship is much better at Rocky's and Distillo's than Irene's. Pant hemming ranges from $8-12. The cost for jacket sleeve alteration is about $15, and $25-25 for waist suppression. If you want to have a nice jacket that fits well, it's worth the cost to pay for good workmanship.
There is an extensive thread on this topic on AAAC. This was a heated debate, but there is no "real" rule. I believe text that was quoted was from only 1 book on style. There are others that clearly state that sleeve length (and hence cuff shown) is a matter of personal preference. I refer you to Sator's thread on this matter for a more eloquent discourse...
may i suggest you to look the pic of a suede cap toe magnanni in my earlier post? seems to fit your needs, was on sale at nordstroms.
Thanks for the comments and discussion. Special thanks to DH for his education on the styles. I never appreciated these differences. WRT the sale.... These were ~50% off at the Pittsburgh Nordstroms. I assumed the sale was valid everywhere. They were on the website, but it says sold out now. I was thinking about returning these ( I got the Cole Haan suede Air Donovans also). But maybe I'll keep these now!
any other advice??
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Pretty much anything you like with the exclusion of dark suits. You could wear them with a linen suit (excluding black), or any casual pants. Nice shoes...details? Thanks... these are Magnanni's I recently picked up on sale. BTW, a great sale and selection at nordstrom's as previously posted. @Doc: Thanks for the comments. Can I get away with these in Fall/Winter? I'm wondering if these are warm...
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