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Even my wife raised her eyebrows at this. I'm just saying...
Please do let us know how your experience goes. There are not a lot of options in PGH (area), so if Cicco's is as good as it seems, we'd all drive up to Butler. Also, Cicco's will come to you if you prefer. Thats another option... I always feel bad not ordering if I make a service come to me.
The Cicco's have gotten very good reviews on the Board. I have no personal experience with them, but my colleague bespoke a blazer by them. They ascribe to a more traditional cut, shoulder pads, roping etc... IIRC. Since the OP wanted a 'soft' look, it would be wise to ask this upfront and ensure that there are no surprises. Another place for MTM is Hong Kong Tailors in Monroeville. They do good work, once again, more traditional British style. I have my wedding tux...
I prefer "simple" leather soled shoes. My go-to are my Alfred Sargent's and AE Walnut Strands. Clogs are OR shoes, and do not, in my opinion, go well with anything other than scrubs. I agree that comfort is the most important. I would differ from other posters that looks are not important. I've noticed in my limited experience that the senior faculty/partners are usually well dressed. Of course, this doesn't mean that one has to 'be over the top'. People, patients and...
i got mine today! thanks Edward! My Bayfields had rubber soles. very wrinkly on the sides thought.... probably the cause for the steep discount.
this sounds great. From whom did you order these shoes?
Thanks. Does anyone know if shoes go on further rebate later in the year?
So... Are these discounts stackable on the shoes? That is, in addition to the 30% discount being offered till 11/28?
Looks like an error between the upper placement onto the last
Agreed! Kudos to you for a thoughtful post.
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