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Dear All, I have commissioned my first bespoke item, from Cicco Tailors in Butler PA. I have just had the first fitting, where a canvas was covered with some left over material for fit purposes. The images are given below. I acknowledge that the shoulders are a little overpadded, and will be reduced. I have asked for a soft, more natural shoulder with a "shirt shoulder". This should reduce the divots. The breast plate will be reduced to make the front a bit more...
^ Thats a great fit. Any idea of how much Pasquale charges for bespoke? What was the rough cost to re-cut the suit?... that a lot of work. I dont mean to be rude and query the price, but I'm curious. Feel free to PM a response, if thats more appropriate.
Im in. best of luck to all
I happen to be in Spain, and I went to the Meermin store. The shoes are indeed impressive. The store is untouched by any protests, the protest were minor actually. Went by our hotel. The demand for the shoes seems to have gone up according to the salesman, at least per my broken Spanish. Pictures to follow... I got a captoe double monk, in classic line. Also, gave into an impulse buy and picked up a Carmina. It seems to my examination that both shoes are on the same...
So, I got the Presidio's in burgundy and there is quite a bit of heel slippage, even though I ordered 'my size' in that last. Any advice? Can I use a tongue pad or insert to alleviate this problem? Should I size down, even though the toe box feels fine?
Hey man, not everyone has the figure of Arnold.Being a short skinny guy myself, its hard to conform to the 'normal mans' measurements.Work with a good tailor and get the most flattering clothes.As for the other comment, I think its a bit harsh to postulate that the OP is out of shape. This might be the case, but some people have different bone structure, and he may have a smaller chest circumference. A 33" waste on a tall thin person might not reflect a lack of physical...
Does anyone know what the AE Weston is? I can't find pics of it anywhere, but its on sale... Any help is appreciated
While I see your point that the brown edge looks natty, I'd be worried of destroying a perfectly good shoe. I vote leave em alone and wear in good health. The Macneils are a beauty
To the OP: Please do let us know how you make out... Im in the same boat as you.
^^ Glenjay: those are great... what model of AE are they?
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