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I love that this forum can take me back to Thermodynamics course in 3rd year of university!!!
Nicely Done NYR! Can ask what kind of fabric was used for this suit?
sweet watch!
PA doesnt have a tax for clothing. You shouldnt be charged for this
I think that this would look great as a suit.
I'm hoping that the tailors on the forum can give me some help with a sport coat I have just had the first fitting, where a canvas was covered with some left over material for fit purposes. The images are given below. I acknowledge that the shoulders are a little overpadded, and will be reduced. I have asked for a soft, more natural shoulder, hopefully spalla camina. This should reduce the divots. The breast plate will be reduced to make the front a bit more slim The...
I ordered a bespoke sportcoat last month and dont have to pay till next month. I get the fun of the fittings and still NPC. Am I still in compliance?
Thanks for input Septimus. THis is my first commission with them. I saw some of their work in the shop, and they promised a lightly padded shoulder, and a neapolitan style. So I too the plunge for a single sportcoat. Frank (the father) and Larry (son) seem very nice. The first fitting looked pretty good to me, so I was impressed. Its completely benchmade according to them. I will post more as I get more fittings. Hopefully this will help other members in the Western PA...
help... please? comments appreciated
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