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After I found this forum AE provided this poor Aussie with a reasonably priced entry into the world of better quality shoes. All but the first were bought online at deep discount. Not everyone has access to a wide range of well priced and well made footwear (or in the case of Australian members any reasonably priced and wearable footwear). I only regret one pair, the Fairfax in chilli. But the following were all solid purchases: Byron (black) Delray (suede, brown,...
I'll second the don't come to Australia comment. I have found Eastern Brown snakes in my garden a few times. Quoted from Wikipedia: "The Eastern Brown Snake is the second most venomous land snake in the world after the Inland Taipan.[2] Their venom is very toxic, and can be fatal; even juveniles have caused human fatalities. The venom contains both neurotoxins and blood coagulants.[3] Eastern Brown Snakes are also aggressive. Compared to most snakes that will flee when...
Any idea what they will charge for the C&J's? I've been lusting after the suede Westfield's for some time now.
I was chatting to George the other day and he showed me a certain Shepherds check Cucinelli jacket he had to alter. Was that yours Journeyman? I mostly use Tess, and the results have generally been positive.
There is supposed to be a store in Sydney that sells Incotex but I bought most of mine in last years frenzy from Chorse and others. Back when our dollar was strong...
Go by the label. I machine wash and air dry my chino lino's and other Incotex khaki's and have had no shrinkage issues. I have two less casual cotton Incotex that are dry clean only.
Stone Roses - "I am The Resurrection" Enough said.
I have these in chocolate suede and thought I'd be able to help you but I can't find the box to check the name. I'd highly recommend them as a casual shoe.
2008: I spent like crazy while the Aussie dollar was at its peak and finally consider my wardrobe worthy of this esteemed forum. Suits: RLBL Navy PS RLBL mid brown flannel Paul Stuart (Gianluca) mid grey PS Zegna Charcoal linen Ferre Navy linen Corneliani khaki cotton Cheap yellowy-tan cotton Sportscoats: About 15. Most bases covered. Shoes: 3x Grenson Rose - Headingly(cognac), Ninian(tan), Radley(cognac) C&J Chiltern (brown suede) Loake...
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