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^ The myth is that gemming is as bad as some make out. Yes, as everyone ad mauseum has said (including myself, numerous times), hand welting is better. But GYW isn't as bad as some here claim it is. Common sense, that is all for goodness sake!Nice to read the conclusion to your story, kentyman. Thanks for sharing
^ Agreed, Nick, thanks for sharing. It's a myth that just keeps on keeping on, I'm sad to see.
Holy necro bump!
If you note, I did not use a question mark in my above post. Therefore, I was not asking a question of you, I was making a statement, saying that I have no idea how to help thelonius with his issue of the inner lining cracking due to his feet sweating. Has nothing to do with C&J, or making shoes etc. that you bring up. You need to pay better attention, DW, and maybe don't be so uptight *sheesh*
I thought so. Others in the know in this thread have reported the same.
^ Lovely.
Okay, no good then. No idea how to help, thelonius then.
Does talcum powder make any difference to the interior over time? I don't know, just throwing that out there. I've never had that problem that you describe, thelonius.
I know what you mean.
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