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+1I too have found many of your posts in this thread off putting, Deranged. We're not the only two either. I echo Frilly's thoughts in this matter. Share with us more of your watches and of yourself, rather than what your posts have been about up til now.
Tsujigiri, you're just wrong about Rolex. All those innovations listed are real. Accept them and move on.
He's in China, I think.
I have one of the Woolies capsule machines. Not bad, particularly for the el-cheapo price my wife got it for. Great for the morning rush, I quite agree.
^ Thanks for that. Sorry I missed it earlier.
And pricing details for the new Seraphim will be forthcoming I assume?
Simply stunning, my friend. I think that's my favourite pair of yours in recent times. Really appeals to me
^^Great look there, choc. Really like that.
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