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Shoes look better than that, and others have attested to that fact.
I prefer Tailorstore myself.
^ Exactly right.
Maybe up to $800 or $900...it's Poor Man's watches in the correct context, not purely in a literal sense.
^ Exactly. People need to remember that this is the Poor Man's Watch Thread.
Wow! Very sad to hear of their passing
Nothing wrong with either MTM or bespoke, so long as who you're getting it from is honest about the services and processes they're supplying. One fitting and a suit completed in one week is NOT bespoke, no matter how many times a shill or troll says it is. Any tailor claiming they make bespoke with one fitting in one week is a conman and needs to be avoided at ALL COSTS! Too many trolls and shills in this thread (aka Benji, Shane, PKL). I'm done conversing with them.
Quar is right. There's nothing wrong with good quality MTM. So long as the people you're dealing with are honest about their services and processes. GBR is also right. You cannot get true bespoke with one fitting. That is utter nonsense! Any tailor claiming to be able to achieve top notch bespoke with one fitting in one week is indeed a conman.
^ For true bespoke? Nonsense!
It's all a load of rubbish. Avoid!
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