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^ Nice to see. Well done, Foxie.
Yes, more Seikos (I just contributed a shot of my latest one yesterday), Citizens, Sea-Gulls etc.
Great double monks, Cleav. Love those shoes, Murlsqurl.
This thread is about watch brands that would be considered "poor man's" under ordinary circumstances (up to a certain price point). Luxury watch brands, even though they may be cheaper due to their age, are not to be discussed in this thread. That's always been the case. Take those discussions about Omega, Rolex etc. to the TWAT thread.
Thanks, mate. Much appreciated
Latest acquisition:
Latest acquisition:
It does qualify with price, but this thread is about more than just price.
Looks like RMW to me. Lovely combo there, Hayward. Well done.
Omegas should be discussed in the TWAT thread, not here.
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