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Give it a rest and zip it, DW. Enough is enough.
Agreed, and I wish those experts here would shut it. Overblown and exaggerated is truly the case here!
Paper, so long as the watch has what you want and is of a good quality, that's all that matters. $500 watches belong here, Rooster. You were misinformed.
Well said, Nick.
Well said again, Roger P.Everyone and their dog knows that hand welting is the best. I know that, Roger P. knows that, trelonius knows that. That's never been an issue. Of course it's the best. But, in saying that, none of us go around trashing GY either. Yes it's not as good as hand welting. But it's not prone to rampant failure, it's not a garbage method of welting that (only) some here claim it is, either. It's a perfectly fine method of welting a shoe and is of a very...
Nobody here said that hand welting isn't better, isn't the best. We're just saying that GY isn't as dreadful as some here claim it to be. That is all!
Buy a Steinhart or Christopher Ward or Seiko diver, even if it's a little above what you want to pay, but you'll get a quality product for it.
Thank goodness the cricket starts today.
Well said throughout, Roger P. and thelonius. Nice to see a more balanced view on the subject.
I don't think it really matters if you wear a watch to bed, but I don't sleep with any of my watches.
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