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Hey, my experiences are as valid as anyone elses.
It's the mentality of "It's okay to get intoxicated" that has led us to this horrible situation in Australia. Our drinking culture seriously needs to be looked into.
Exactly. As soon as he lied under oath (or gave incorrect information under oath) he had to go. It was untenable for him to stay. If he had tried to ride the scandal out it just would have gotten worse for him. Having said all that, and as others have said here, the NSW Labor Party isn't any better, and even with today's events, with the majority the NSW Liberals currently enjoy in parliament, they'll still win the 2015 election, albeit most likely with a (slightly?)...
It's the fact he denied it yesterday, and that he's previously been harsh to any of his ministers in similar situations, so he had to go within that context he'd set himself up in. Notice there's been no mention of him resigning from parliament. Does he perhaps see a political resurrection at some future point?
They don't pick up enough dirt to be so noticeable to make me complain about it on a message forum, that's for sure.
^ Mine don't.
Superb combos there, mate. Absolutely love that suit fabric, shoes and, of course, watch
There's that beauty again
^ Love it! Thanks for that.
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