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Quite right, not all MTM businesses are bad...just 99% of the more recent ones are. www.greatclothes.cn will get you in touch with Shanghai C&G tailors. I use them and have never been to China in my life. Suit Shop uses P Johnson. Zink (not Zinc) makes most of their items on their premises. You'd best pop in, as you say, and speak with the local tailors.
A lot of MTM businesses have sprung up in the last few years or so, both online and here in Australia. Most I wouldn't give the time of day, in truth. If you want something well tailored, you have the options I gave you. If you want something tailored in China, deal with the source, not some overcharging middlemen. And, if you want to know price (or other) details of those options I listed, then simply ask them. All will gladly answer all your questions and give you an...
For MTM in person in Sydney, you'd best stick with either Zink & Sons, Suit Shop or P. Johnson. Best avoid Elzinga I think. If none of those suit, then you can try online MTM with Shanghai C&G (who are my tailors).
Getting chilly now:
Superb, mate. Great result! Just goes to show the quality result Amy and her team at Shanghai C&G is capable of. They're the only tailor I use now.
How did this one turn out, Stebbin?
Say wha?
^ Wow! I'm gonna have to start doing some homage shots too
^ Wonderful!
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