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No worries, mate
^ I just saw it lol Very well, thanks. About to leave for my two hour commute to work, though
Great look, Cleav (and there's that Rolex again ), though you may want to unbutton your coat when seated. Looks about to pop there
Really nice, my friend.
I have the same feeling toward my Omega Seamaster quartz watch. It's only a quartz, but it was a gift from my sister, who I almost lost to cancer a few years ago, so it holds a great deal of sentimental value. Other watches may come and go, but that one will never leave me.
www.seiyajapan.com and www.higuchi-inc.com/index-e.html
Like I'm smitten with your Rolex, Cleav
SOLD: This fantastic 42mm Christopher Ward C60 Trident automatic dive watch which has been gently worn (bought new in 2010 from Christopher Ward UK) and looks as good as new. A superb mix of the Submariner and Seamaster, this is a watch you're going to want to wear again and again. Comes complete with deluxe box, owner's handbook and micro-fibre cleaning cloth. Here are the details of it (as per the included instruction manual): Features - 25-Jewel Swiss mechanical...
I see. Fair enough, it's a popular boot due to its price, but RMW is a top notch product as well, so I'm sure you won't be disappointed in those either.
Email this fellow - mick@bootsaustralia.com - if you're still interested in Baxter boots. That's where I bought my Baxters, so he may also be able to help you.
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