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Thanks. I haven't worn it yet (haven't received it yet), but I like the look of the contrast. Really appeals to me.Thanks stitchy Yeah, that's what I thought. I just loved the look of it. A little different, but classy all the same.Precisely. A little different, but still classy. It just grabbed me the instant I saw it. I've never been an impulse buyer...until now...I can't wait to show it off on my wrist. I'll try to get it a little earlier than I originally specified....
It's funny how you find that all over.
They probably can't bear to "sully" those beautiful shoes, not until they've spent a few months ogling them while in pristine condition
Let's face it, most of the shops, all over the world, that sell el-cheapo garments use similar such factories. As PoP says, it's cheap for a reason.
With all this talk of Tudor the last day or so, I thought I'd post another few pics of the watch I have coming to me soon:
Most you can But as Oli says, there's a lot that do a stellar job who we can't do without.
Probably not a bad thing.
I wouldn't be taking it off either. At least, not yet...
I don't have firsthand knowledge (yet), but like you I've read some very things about the quality of Tassie whisky, and read some magazine articles on the subject. I hope to get down there again next year sometime to try some.
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