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^ My wife's from Visalia in the Central Valley, so we tend to visit her family there often. I, too, don't much like the weather there.
^ It all depends on whether you choose MTM or bespoke and what fabric you choose (also, whether you go half canvassed or fully canvassed etc.). Check their website and contact Daniel Jones and take things from there.
There's lots of good places to go (some of whom you've mentioned), that will give you either MTM (offshore or inhouse) or true bespoke, and at varying price points, in Australia. The best value true bespoke (at least in Sydney) IMO is Zink & Sons - www.zinkandsons.com.au. Give them a look.
Info on E&R: http://www.drapersonline.com/news/menswear/the-drapers-interview/the-drapers-interview-ede-and-ravenscroft/5057599.article#.U0NXZ1eFuQI
Australia welcomes you
Both great pieces. Thanks Spoo
But what was it, Spoo?
Better dressed today:
There's that watch again...love it! Great ensemble, Cleav.Good stuff, GMMcL/CD.
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