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That's a work of art, man. Baller!
Daniel Jones, from Zink & Sons, learned coatmaking from Bijan. Had nothing but high words of praise for the man's skills.
^ Baller!
Sounds like you got the perfect watch for yourself. Great stuff
^ Quite right. Patrick isn't a tailor, he is a fitter, but as I've said before, at the end of the day, you get a top notch product and great service into the bargain. So, that's all that matters in the end.
That's cool. I live in a similar climate (Australia), but I still prefer a bit of weight to my divers watches, though I did enjoy the watch while I had it. To each their own
^ I had that blue/red Citizen a few years ago. Sold it a couple years back. Great watch, but feels a little light on the wrist. I got mine from Higuchi, Inc. at the time. I believe he might still sell them.
Mimicking a post by zippyh in The Watch Appreciation Thread, though with my own poor man's alternative to his watch:
+1 to both.
^ Love the coat, Kapp. What watch are you wearing there?
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