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[[SPOILER]] Beautiful!
White shirt and white PS are classic staples.
Patrick himself is not a tailor. He does not cut cloth, nor draft patterns, nor construct the clothes. He employs tailors (in a factory) to do that for him, same as many other businesses do. Nothing wrong with that.
I can recommend Shanghai Tianzi Shoes as well. Same story as Zees in regards to overall quality, I'd say (though I've never used Zees personally).
St James.
I had no idea Zink worked in this fashion. You won't get any fittings with them, nor discuss said fit with them in person, but if they're willing to do this for you, you'll have a superbly crafted suit that may need to be altered by your local tailor.
You can be measured by Institchu staff, I think IIRC. Their tailoring is done in Thailand, though, so I can't vouch for their quality.
I'm not disparaging handmade shoes. There's room in this world for every known method of shoemaking. You exist, so do others. Yes, there are less handmade shoemakers out there, but there's less handmade everything these days. A sad but true fact. Your moaning against Goodyear welted shoes won't make them disappear or make anyone stop buying them. Just concentrate on being the best handmade shoemaker you can be and let the end product speak for itself. Concentrate on that...
New Posts  All Forums: