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Thanks Dachs I was just setting the time, and hadn't screwed the crown back in when I took the photo.Thanks Frilly! If I had to pick a one-watch...I think this could be it.Thanks Dino. I've been tooing and froing between this Sub and the Explorer. Eventually the Sub spoke to me most. It was a bit too extravagant a purchase for me, but I thought "Life is too short, just go for it." So I did Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
Some cuff should come out--not too much mind--when you lift your sleeve. It's all a matter of getting the proportions right.
Good morning, gents. My latest, and proudest, acquisition...
I have three dive watches, and more could be on the horizon. Get what you like. What others have, like I said, should never be a consideration. Who cares what anyone else wears or doesn't wear? When choosing a watch, I never even think of what anyone else might be wearing.
Get the black one, without the date is preferable (and less common). Whether others have it or not should be irrelevant.
Well, regardless of its use in the past, today Rollie means Rolex. 'nuff said.
Algernon is right, Tom Ford's suits are pretty crappy. We've seen how crappy in three Bond films now. However, if he's not a Bond film (or suit) fan, then his purpose in this thread, apart from being a douche, is a mystery.
Richie Benaud is dead!
There's a nice Alpaca clothing store in Berrima, IIRC, that's if it's still there. I haven't been there for some little time.
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