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It's not a misconception. It's my opinion, and I stand by it! I, personally, dislike dive watches without a certain heft to them. You're different. Good on you.
I really dislike Ti watches. I had one once, a Citizen dive watch. It was ok, but it felt way too light on the wrist. I want my dive watches to feel like a dive watch. It's gotta have some heft to it. For those that are allergic to SS or have some other issues, that's fair enough, but for most others, I'd say forget it.
CityRail? I'm well familiar with that form of transport
I suspect you were just unlucky.
Reffing is never great at World Cups.
Sorry mate, but shills like you are irrelevant.Mate, the only issue I have is with shills like you and shysters like Simon. 'nuff said, douche bag!
^ Thank you kindly
It's ALL relevant when it comes to choosing a tailor. There are plenty of (better) options. Check SF for plenty of ill-fitting Elite suits. They're a dime a dozen.
^ Very nice, PoP. Big thumbs up from me
You never make a wrong step IMO, EliodA. Superb as usual.
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