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Beautiful outfit, Spandexter. Oscar Hunt?
If it has a T on the dial, then it has Tritium.
I would avoid, Jazz.
^ Omega and Tudor aren't poor man's watches. Head on over to The Watch Appreciation thread and ask there for helpful advice.
It's not the same here without you, Frilly. Welcome back
^ Yeah, I know. Like I said, within reason, but that's part of life isn't it...sometimes we have to do things over and deal with little annoying things from time to time. I try not to be too bothered by that sort of thing (anymore). Life's too short for that.
I've never minded the same question being asked over (within reason, of course). Just be friendly and answer it I always think. Even with an FAQ and a better search function, people are always going to come in and ask the same questions over and over from time to time. Like I said, we should just be friendly and try and answer if we can.
We're already welcoming and inclusive. Anyone can join in and post as it is, and they do so. We've had several new/newer members posting in recent times. It's happening already. No need to change what's already working well. This is change for change sake if ever I've seen it.
Some fine PMW choices there. That's part of what this thread is about...finding that PMW alternative to the more expensive choices out there.
Sorry, but there's no way this thread needs to be a forum on its own or needs any sort of FAQ. The thread title says it all. This thread should be left to using the KISS method as it currently does. Over 3,000 pages long and still thriving, not just surviving. We're not in danger of dying off or anything. Silly suggestion.
New Posts  All Forums: