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Channeling your inner VictorSF I see there, Coxy. All looks good, though.
^ Of course, there's still the 36mm...
^ Indeed, Frilly. I always preferred the 36mm version, but now I'm not so sure.
Beautiful selection. I'm actually warming to the 39mm Explorer after (finally) seeing it in person. Hmm...
Capetown is an excellent store. I've bought there. Great communication and customer service.
+1That kinda describes the TWAT thread for me, too.
$149 Orvis.
^ +1 Frilly. I live vicariously through TWAT to a large degree. My Submariner is the limit to which I can go (and I'm very happy with it), but that's what TWAT is here for
Put him on your block list. Then you won't see his puerile posts.
+1 quoted and bolded for truth!
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