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Not a fan of YG watches myself, though that does look pretty good despite that, I must say.
Thanks @ShawnBC. I'm enjoying wearing it the last couple days.
^ In Sydney? Try and ask Thomas Czibula for advice (or email him). Here's his website - www.watchrepair.com.au
My latest PMW acquisition has arrived. I initially really liked this in photos then, after pre-ordering it, I wavered a little. Now on the wrist, I like it:
^ Nothing they make is really original, but they're well made and sturdy. Definitely very good quality for the price.
Mine's a 59.3 mil.
Check the serial number on the bottom of the relevant lug and then go to this link here (and scroll down) - http://www.clockmaker.com.au/rolex_serial_numbers.html There's no doubt other such places to check if you Google it.
As the past owner of a couple watches from Steinhart, I can attest to their overall quality and sturdiness. I can highly recommend them, especially for those that can't afford, or can never afford, Rolexes of similar appearance.
Feel free to annoy me with pics Yep, same watch. Mine was made in '99 but bought new (by my sister) in 2006 from a local AD (so it had been sitting on the shelf there for 7 years!) Apart from some minor swirlies on the clasp, it still looks like new, I'm proud to say.
Thanks Dino I have a few quartz watches, two good ones (that Omega and a Raymond Weil) and a beater, cheapo one (a Stührling GMT for traveling with). I don't mind the odd quartz.Now that Rolex Oysterquartz you mention...now that's one I really wouldn't mind getting one day...
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