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Yep, great looking pair, PoP.
He's a delightful fellow.If you see something for sale on his website that you really want, buy from home (via bank transfer). That way you won't lose out.Or save your money, that's also a worthwhile endeavour
They've filled the new Aqua Terra dials with too much writing, there's just too much going on now. They've pretty much ruined what was already a fine watch to begin with.
This is the best looking Omega Aqua Terra made IMHO (or the black or blue dial versions of this). The current Aqua Terra's are far too busy looking, and are uglier as a result.
I recently spent the weekend in Canberra with the wife, seeing all the museums and what-not. I must say, I felt pretty happy that weekend. Might be something to those figures.
^ Any luck with Nick Hacko, Ari?
Amazing chukkas!
^ Yeah, that bronze GMT is butt ugly.
Superb, Emile. Congrats on the purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: