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36mm and 39mm Explorers are both good. How about somewhere in the middle and offer a 38mm version? I prefer it with applied indices, though. I like the all lume 2016 Baselworld version. Wish I could afford it now, I'd be all over it if I could.
That new Explorer 1 is the business. Love the (subtle) changes. Its the watch to have IMO.
I have slender wrists as well. Anything from 34mm to 42mm (but no higher) looks good on me. If you have the slender wrists to pull off the 34mm watch (as Renaut above surely does), and you love the watch you're wearing, it will look good on you at that size. That's all that matters.
^ +1
Sorry, not interested in trying it on. I just don't like the look of it.
I've never liked the Aquanaut either. Nautilus for me every time.
Mine says hello:
I agree with mimo. When I buy a sport/dive watch like that, I prefer it to have some heft to it. Dress watches should be nice and light, but dive watches (especially chunky ones with HEV)? No, I prefer them to have a certain weight to them but YMMV.
+1 www.steedtailors.co.uk/
^ +1 mimo.
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