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Thanks for the article. A great shame it was lost to this country, though...
^ It's the perfect watch for just about anything, Kap. Lovely
^ +1 but Ken Cowley has since sold all of RMW to Louis Vuitton. It's now 100% in foreign hands. There's always the Henry Baxter Classic Chelsea from Baxter boots. Still Australian owned and that model is still made in their Goulburn factory.
Yep. Louis Vuitton wants to re-brand RMW as luxury items, hence the crazy price rises. It's just the beginning I'm sure.
Arlington cologne today from DH Harris.
+1 38mm is my sweet spot for a dress watch (my Aqua Terra is 38.5mm and perfect on my wrist).
Was bound to happen when the company passed completely into foreign hands. A shame... Good to see you back here, @grimslade.
GF's right, a lot of what they sold was out of date as I recall. Nothing I bought though...
I used to work right next door (at Haymarket Library) to that deli back in the 90s. I remember raiding their German Christmas goodies for my family there every year I was working close by.
Great post, Dino. I couldn't agree more.
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