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I prefer the Oyster band myself. Hopefully, that model Explorer will be my next (big) kop. Fingers crossed.
^ +1 Foo.
Dang! I need a blue checked shirt again
I, too, prefer the Nautilus to the Aquanaut. The latter just doesn't appeal to me.
^ Very nice indeed. I do like those you've listed, mimo.
I don't mind some of their designs. They seem decent watches, though I'm no expert.
^ LOL I just stick with those aromas at home, via my furnishings there. The cologne I wear out and about is pretty average.
I have both in my home (well, mahogany furniture instead of the panelling), so I can attest to the quality of those aromas. I may have some sherry left, too
I agree. I'm working on filling it. A Rolex something or other Not sure of the maker, but I got it here.
Some of my eclectic collection of watches...
New Posts  All Forums: