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I do think that, once things calm down, we'll all see not much will actually change for the UK over the long term (apart from public servants/politicians having to go through a lot of paperwork and do a lot of negotiating). For everyone else, things will eventually return to normal once all the dust has settled. I doubt the British century will come again anytime soon, nor do I think the sky will cave in because of Brexit.
Nice to see you come around to my way of thinking, Roger Looks super on you.
+142mm is the largest I have and have worn, but even that can look too large on me, depending on the type of watch it is. The 36-40mm range is my prime range, and probably the majority of everyone's prime range, even if they admit it or not.
I detest the large watch 'phenomenon' of recent years, particularly on ladies. Most watches I see on folks these days, men or women, are far too large for their wrists and they come off as silly try-hards as a result.
Starting to get a bit chilly here in Oz. Happy to be home, though, after a 3 week holiday to the US (and with a new cell phone to play with):
Back home now, Jazz, and yes, the luggage did come through eventually, thank goodness.
Not the best loafers, I suppose, but I lost some of my luggage on a recent US holiday, and this was the best fitting I could find in the San Joaquin Valley of California:
I feel the same way when wearing my Aqua Terra.Looks superb, mimo. Congrats again.
I have the Henry Baxter Classic, Oli, had them for some six years now, the leather hasn't gotten damaged yet. I highly recommend them.
Congrats man. Enjoy the heck out of that one!
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