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As mimo says, this thread is fine as is (apart from opening a Mark II, so to speak). Apart from that, leave it alone!
Nothing wrong with the engraving per se. It was done with great skill. It just shouldn't be done on a Rolex Explorer (or any Rolex for that matter) IMO.
It says a different price when I click on that link, Jazz:
Just don't go engraving that beauty and wear it in good health for years to come
No. Just no.
I have both oxfords and derbies but prefer my oxfords.
Since LV fully bought them out, fairly steep price rises have been expected. A shame, but expected.
^ Why not?
You don't know where I've set foot or where I've shopped, so don't go there, mate.Besides, there are plenty of people on here commenting about Oscar Hunt whose opinions I value and trust and aren't just one post wonders who come here to talk down one thing or another then disappear and never post again. How often have we seen that all over here on SF?Sorry, but borne from experience, I've come to seriously distrust reviews from one post wonders. And if you don't like that,...
New Posts  All Forums: