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The No Date is the classic of classics, the true original. Go that one and never look back.
+1 well said, Dino.When I'm out wearing my Sub, or Omega or whatever, if I see the same or similar watches, it just makes me smile. I guess I have a similar reaction to Dino. But even if I saw everyone wearing the same watch as I am, like Dino says...who cares? The Sub is a classic watch, a true icon. If you like it, wear it, nothing else matters.
^ I know how you feel, I'm the same.
I'm sure whichever one she gets you will be fine and dandy. Enjoy the new timepiece
The black-faced Longines for $885USD is the best of that bunch IMO. The best size, the best specs, the best price.
There are plenty of tailoring options in London already at all price points. Seek these out first I would suggest.
Part of my watch collection (the Sub is missing, as I'm wearing it when I took the photo). A mix of good and cheap:
^ Not me, Belli, I tend to shy away from oversized watches with most of my collection. There's that beauty again. Lovely watch, as always, Cleav
Get the second Longines you have pictured. $895 from Jomashop last time I checked, it's a better size for you, automatic and with 300m water resistance--you can't go wrong there. I considered it briefly myself recently.
IF you do wear a watch with black tie, make sure it's a subtle and small piece, preferably with a black leather strap. That's the best way to go if you choose to wear a watch at all.
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