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If he had posted it in the TWAT thread you still would have received the excellent knowledge, and we all still would have been blessed with his fantastic photo of his beautiful watch. But Omega is NEVER considered a PMW, so some common sense there please. No point having this thread if we start getting into Omegas and Tags and the like here, even if they're vintage, that was never the point of this thread for goodness sake.
Well, that's something at least Fantastic value.
You don't mean...you wouldn't get...an Invicta?!
Zink & Sons can also do handmade buttonholes if I remember correctly.
Omeagas and Tags are ALWAYS better suited to the TWAT thread. Always have, always will. Don't be afraid to show off your pieces there, vintage or new, they're most welcome there. As for the Seafarer II, it's got a Miyota automatic movement and it's around $500 - $600 if memory serves. Very sturdy watches from past experience.
Obviously technically it is, but this thread is really meant to showcase lower end watches. PMW shouldn't just mean price alone. Omegas are better suited for the TWAT thread.
^ Not a PMW I've had two Borealis watches in the past. Quality is superb for the price. They're nice and big and heavy, which is usually what I want in a dive watch.
^ Egads!
Exceptions don't generally disprove the rule.
^ Like I said, YMMV but it's not a look I personally like. I've always been a big fan of steel bracelets, particularly with that type of watch.
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