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Thanks guys I guess it's a Black Bay in the same way an Aqua Terra is a Seamaster.
Very decent looking watch. Good luck to you with it.
Well, I've just picked up my watch and I think it's a real beauty--the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36. Did anyone guess or have an inkling? Like I said, nothing too fancy or anything, but I like things clean and simple. And 36mm looks quite large on my slender wrists. Very comfortable, very classy (IMO). A nice one-watch candidate to go along with my Sub. Here are the (crappy cell phone) piccies: Now, where's your reveal @AriGold
A Baselworld 2016 one watch candidate.Like I said before, nothing big or fancy.
Could be. You never know Thanks @Dino944.
Incoming kop next Tuesday. I'll be in to the AD in Sydney to pick it up then and I'll take some piccies of it then as well when I head to my club for lunch afterwards.
Watch looks okay to me. I'd prefer the 40mm version to be 38mm, though, and automatic would be better.
Thanks, but it's nothing special really
There are more self made billionaires in HK than anywhere else in the world.
Wearing my PMW to work today:
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