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We see a fair few new niche watch brands launched here and via Kickstarter but this is the most unique looking I've thus far seen (the rest are either the same old same old or just ersatz). Welcome aboard and best of luck to you
+1He was a decent Batman I thought...Batman may wear Breguet, but The Wraith wears a Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 from now on
Exactly as I feel now for my BB36, for the same reasons you feel for your superb Rolex--versatility, style, looks, size etc.
Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) wore a Breguet in Batman v Superman. I'm not in his league of spending, though...
That's a beauty of a one watch candidate there, @mimo. Excellent choice.
Yep, research, research, research and buy what speaks to you best. A Sub and a dressy watch that can also act as a casual/sport would be the way to go IMO (that's the way I went).
I'm finding this right now myself.
^ This.
Like Dubya did any better? He's largely responsible for much of the mess over there and Hillary wasn't even President! Blame for the current state of the Middle East largely lies elsewhere.
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