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It might just scrape in possibly. The TWAt thread is for all watches, rich, poor and in between. This thread is purely for so called poor watches. $1000 seemed to have been the agreed cutoff point some time back.
Nice Rolex, but I'm with tiger...leave the diamond watches to the girls.
I've recently ordered 5 shirts from CT (one to start with, to check fit, quality etc. then 4 to follow), and all turned out excellent. Fit, quality of material. I'm impressed. I'll be using these guys for my dress shirts from now on. Prices can't be beat.
Some lower grade auto movements do rattle a little. Just accept it, some of them are a bit noisy.
No worries, Shawn. I knew what you meant. All is good. And thank you What I like about the Armida is its size. At 38mm, it's the smallest dive watch I've ever owned, but it certainly doesn't wear small on my puny wrist.
^ Thanks Shawn. Yeah, I know, but I could care less. I get what I like. Works well, looks good. I'm happy with it.
Poor man's Sea Dweller for me today (though the photos are a couple days old). I ended up flipping the Borealis Scorpionfish, as I found it too big for my slender wrists, so got this as a new dive beater instead. Derivative, but I never care about that:
Christopher Ward make some very good pieces, but they're not as good a poor man's option as they used to be, which is a shame.
Lucky you. I'm of German heritage, but the Australian version of German desserts leave a lot to be desired for the most part.I'll be traveling to the US again next year. Not sure yet if I'll be taking my SubC on its first trip.
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