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I concur with this summation. I have 4 pairs from Tianzi, all GY welted MTM shoes. I've now established an excellent relationship with Bonita Wang there (so no mistakes now), and for the price, these shoes just can't be beat.
I guess I'm naval-gazing again. I don't care, if gopher doesn't like it, he can sod off I'd desired this watch for years, and I'm gonna darn well show it off from time to time (and I don't think there's anything wrong in doing so):
Sorry to hear about your troubles, Suav...hope everything works out for you.
^ Just the best
I'm sure Frisco is the exception. Certainly looks (and is) classier than just about anywhere else in Cali (at least in my travels thus far).
+1For me, the Sub is pretty much the greatest sport/dive watch there is. Simple, clean, and can be worn (especially today) with just about everything.
Speaking of Tag's...we all know the Rolex GMT BLNR is the Batman watch, perhaps this Tag could be the Wraith watch?
^ That's the beauty of beauties in my book, Frilly. LOVE IT!
TM Lewin in Sydney, perhaps?
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