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^ Good. Hang on to it.
I just love that watch
^ Haven't seen your Rolex beauty lately, mate
+1 for the 114270 in particular (but all the Explorer 1 models you mention).I gotta get me an Oysterquartz. I got me a hankering for one of those
Nothing wrong with the 36mm that immediately preceded the latest 39mm version. Some say this new thing is better, some say the old is better. The reality is, they're both Rolexes, they're both top notch quality. You win with either. I just prefer the size of the 36mm variety. The hands are too small on the 39mm version as well. It just looks odd to me, doesn't work overall IMO.The OP 36mm is a great option, too. The oversized case and thicker lugs make this 36mm the way to...
I prefer the Rolex Explorer in 36mm. Far better watch than the newer 39mm version. If you don't want used, then the OP in 36mm is the best bet.
So do I.
Reading it now.
^ Maybe, but I'd still take it if given to me
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