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That's just perfect, man. Wonderful purchase! More pics please...
Dang! I'll have to take a new pic this week then, probably with another superhero and coffee to accompany it (or maybe a pen!)
I think I've just passed that six week point (or thereabouts) with my Sub
I had a vintage Elgin (from the 30s), but my father in law, who visited my wife and I last November from the US, liked it so much I gave it to him as an early Christmas present. This RW caught my eye and I must say, it looks better in person than photos can convey. No second hand, so it being quartz isn't really noticeable.
My latest acquisition...a Raymond Weil watch. It's only a quartz, but I really liked the look of it:
^ Nice to see you back here, mate.
No idea. I have to assume they're working on a new website.
Well, he's just one man, so there's a limit to what he can do. But yes, he is a master trained watchmaker - www.clockmaker.com.au
There's an Aussie watchmaker making watches with a California dial. Doesn't look any different, really, than those highlighted earlier in this thread the last day or so but he seems proud making them and they appear to be very well made. I know Mr Hacko, he's a quality watchmaker and a quality man: Rebelde
I don't mind some quartz watches. Depends on the watch for me, really. But yes, I much prefer automatics generally speaking.
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