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Sales at ADs and direct watch boutiques (ie. buying directly from the manufacturer in their own stores) is booming in many areas with the people who actually prefer to both deal directly with the company's and who don't mind paying their prices. You'll see many of them in the TWAT forum here on SF. I've bought from a watch boutique myself (as well as from grey dealers). Nothing wrong with either.
^ Superb photos there.
Enough with that silliness. Nothing wrong with buying from an AD or a grey dealer. No need to denigrate one or the other.
Yeah, you would have gotten there with the black faced version, but oh well. Great watch all the same. Make sure to show it off in the TWAT forum with wrist shots etc. once you've gotten it into your hot little hands
You can't go wrong with either Sub, but I'm naturally predisposed to the classic No Date.
Like we said, win win. Congrats on the new watch.
The No Date is the classic of classics, the true original. Go that one and never look back.
+1 well said, Dino.When I'm out wearing my Sub, or Omega or whatever, if I see the same or similar watches, it just makes me smile. I guess I have a similar reaction to Dino. But even if I saw everyone wearing the same watch as I am, like Dino says...who cares? The Sub is a classic watch, a true icon. If you like it, wear it, nothing else matters.
^ I know how you feel, I'm the same.
I'm sure whichever one she gets you will be fine and dandy. Enjoy the new timepiece
New Posts  All Forums: